"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

27 November 2015

Thanksgiving Week Faves

I'm writing this on Thanksgiving morning while I sit in the breakfast area of the hotel where we are staying near Boston.  The clan is all gathering in a couple of hours for the yearly Thanksgiving Feast.  Before our mid-afternoon dinner, I'm taking my niece Debi, my sister in law Kathy and whomever else decides to go, on a 3.3 mile loop hike around a local pond that is supposed to be a glorious woods hike.  In fact, it is the only lake in eastern MA where there are no cabins or homes built on it and where no boats of any kind are allowed.  I can't wait! 

Meanwhile, I'm sharing FIVE FAVES from the week and then linking up with other bloggers over at Susanne's site. 

How about joining in and sharing some of your blessings from the week?


  • LOCAL HIKE!  Last Saturday, Claire had 2 rehearsals in Saratoga with 3 hours to kill in between each rehearsal.  While she was at the first one, I hiked for 2.5 miles in the park where the Museum of Dance/School of the Arts is located. Saratoga Spa State Park is vast so I only did one loop trail. I loved the scent of the pine needles which were abundant along the "avenue of the pines" and the spot of summer color lingering in the woods on one of the more remote trails I hiked.  It was the perfect way to spend a late autumn day.

  • OUTDOOR LIGHTS!  On Sunday, my oldest daughter volunteered to help me get the outdoor Xmas lights up on the porch post and around the pine tree.  We found out we needed an extra extension cord plus some silk poinsettas for a porch arrangement. While we were shopping for those items, we discovered this lighted tree branch on sale for 50% off!  We grabbed it (there were only 2 left) and put it in this corner of the family room.  It makes the room look so cozy!  I love decorating for Xmas and I'm most thankful that the outdoor part is done!

  • WALKING AND LAUGHTER: Yesterday, after checking into the hotel, we drove to my inlaws which is about an hour south of Boston.  We had lunch with them after my girls helped Grammy bake pies for the Feast.  Then, the girls and I walked to the local DD to get some hot chocolates and meet my sister in law.  What fun we had walking through Dave's hometown (a 3 mile walk!!) and we had so many good laughs with Kathy (my husband's brother's wife).  We all then met up at Kathy and Peter's house before heading out to dinner where more laughter occurred.  Good food, family, and fun times......always thankful for this.
Kathy and our niece Debi

beautiful New England woods

Gates Pond Hike
Berlin, MA
26 November 2015

Pine trees!!

very indicative of New England trails....natural stone walls
  • THANKSGIVING HIKE!  I was in heaven when I discovered that the town where we were having Thanksgiving dinner has a very popular hiking trail around a pristine lake.  The locals call it a pond but it was large....like the lakes in NY.  Because Dave's youngest sister Paula was hosting and cooking dinner, she was too busy to hike.  The only people (out of 16) that I could get to hike was my sister in law Kathy, and Paula's two kids, Ronnie and Debi (ages 15 and 14).  We had so much fun!  It was a 2.5 mile hike and an absolutely gorgeous day. All we really needed were heavy sweaters.  I'm so thankful I finally got to do a real hike this month!

  • THANKSGIVING FEAST AND FAMILY!  Fun day today.......from the hors d'oeuvres after the hike to sipping amazing wine, to hugging on my niece from England and her boyfriend and her mom Karen from California, to singing and laughing and feasting on great food with all the traditional ingredients, to eating pie, and drinking more wine, and laughing, talking, making memories.......I thank God.  

So those are my Thanksgiving faves.......plus this bonus:  Completed Operation Christmas Child boxes.....packed and taken to church so they arrive in a child's arms by Christmas day........always a great thing and I'm so thankful the family still enjoys doing this activity.

I hope and pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving......amidst the evil going on all over the world and the strife and hate, it is good to sit back and reflect on what God is doing in the body of Believers.  It is good to give thanks unto our Lord.........


Just Joy said...

Nice to meet you Faith!
Autumn Hikes - love it! We love hiking too but where I live the weather doesn't allow for many opportunities this late in the season. I'm afraid its the treadmill for me presently but I have it located where I can see lots of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

nikkipolani said...

Sounds like a perfect hiking week for you! Heavenly, indeed. That pine smell is wonderful and you surely got your fill of it on that walk.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a wonderful week with family time and lots of neat scenery. Love that lighted tree branch I wonder if there are any around here. We're planning on getting out the Christmas decorations tomorrow.

Jerralea said...

It sounds as if you had a glorious holiday! Family, food, laughter, hiking - what more could you ask?

Love your photos - especially the "pond" one.

Schotzy said...

Beautiful outdoor time!

Karen said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely. And those hikes and walks -- thank you for sharing photos! We are buried in snow today.

Gattina said...

You certainly did a lot of walking ! You remind me that I also have to buy some Christmas lights for outside !

Susanne said...

What a lovely picture of the clouds reflecting on the water. Sounds like some great fall hikes for you! And it also sounds like you had a very lovely Thanksgiving.