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29 January 2016

"New" Faves

We are almost in a new month!

I can't believe this is the last weekend of January already and we still don't have any snow on the ground here in the capital region of New York State.  HALLELUIA!  I truly don't miss it at all.  That is definitely a "new" thing to happen this far into the winter season.

Speaking of "new things", this list of my FIVE FAVES will be based on the word "new".  I was looking back over the week and realized that it held some new things for us..........God is good............how about joining in with me and some other friends in sharing our FIVE FAVES from the week.  You can link up at Susanne's site.

  • NEW BAMBOO!  Last weekend we had our living room carpeting ripped up and new bamboo flooring put in. It also extends to the front foyer and coat closet!  It is the exact same kind as what we had done in our family room 2 years ago. We love it!  Our contractor did an amazing job...no mess was left!  All Dave and I (the girls helped too) had to do was move furniture out and put it back in.  I also love the new place for my piano. I used to keep it in the corner where you see the rocking chair facing the wall where you see the couch.  Now it is on the inside wall and frees up that corner. I love this room and am so thankful  we could afford this upgrade this year.  

  • NEW DRESS:  Sunday I had to run to one of our local malls to pick something up and my oldest daughter decided to go with me.  While we were in one store that was having a good sale, I spied a purple cocktail dress which I decided to buy as it was on major clearance.  My husband's youngest sister is getting re-married in 2 weeks and requests that we wear purple to the wedding.  I had nothing appropriate for a wedding so the timing of this sale and the fact that they had a dress in my size was amazing.  I'm thankful for good sales!

  • NEW MEMBER:  A new friend of mine (and co-worker) has decided to join my Bible study small group! She had visited the group last year for about a month but couldn't commit due to family issues.  Well, she is back and loves it and is going to stay the year.  I'm so thankful that God is using my home as a place for this ladies small group I lead.  It is a blessing to lead them in a study, pray with them, and come alongside them on our walk through life.

  • NEW ROUTINE:  I started a new routine a couple of weekends ago, where I don't rush through my morning time.  Unless I am going hiking, biking, or kayaking (typically only in the summer/autumn months), I plan on sticking with this routine:  staying in jammies for breakfast and coffee, reading the morning paper or a novel and taking the time to just sit.......and journaling and reading the Word more and really soaking it in.  My soul needs it!  Just like our bodies need a Sabbath so do our souls/minds.  It's just for 2 hours but oh my how nice it is!!  Then, after a leisurely start to the day, I will do some yoga stretches or a power walk and then shower and get my household duties done.  I'm also on Facebook less which helps...I tend to get distracted on there and start chatting with friends!  I needed something new for the weekends, and I think this new morning routine is it!
Russian Dance, Act 2 Nutcracker
Claire is in center background in turquoise skirt
photo courtesy of National Museum of Dance/School of the Arts
Saratoga Springs, NY

Claire (far left) and the other dancers in the Russian Dance
photo courtesy of the School of the Arts/National Museum of Dance
Saratoga Springs, NY

photo courtesy of School of the Arts/National Museum of Dance
Saratoga Springs, NY
December 2015
  • NEW PHOTOS!  We finally got the email from the director of the School of the Arts at the National Museum of Dance that we could view the photos from the performances of Nutcracker Ballet (done in Dec 2015).  We can also share the video but it didn't work for on here so here is the link if you are interested in watching.  If you fast forward the video to 26:08, you can skip ahead to the Russian Dance. Claire is the first one to come  out  in the turquoise dress. Just look for the heading titled "News" and click on Nutcracker Video.  I'm so thankful Claire was able to perform in this production! 

That wraps up the blessings of my week......

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend!!

And to those of you who were asking me:  NO! My part of NYS still does not have snow!!  In fact we had some very mild temps this week which was nice after last week's bitter cold.  (we live about 2 hours north of NYC and they DID get alot of the white stuff last weekend...but up here?  Nothing but dead grass and muddy walkways.



Susanne said...

The new flooring looks great! And you know I love me a good deal especially when you "have" to buy something. I was looking to see a picture of it! ;P

We have a new lady who has joined us in study too. I love it...it's like new life is injected into the group! We are really, really liking the "Fearless" study by Max Lucado.

Saturdays are not a routine day for me at all! The only thing routine about it is a "gym" morning for me. Other than that all bets are off. LOL.

nikkipolani said...

What a fun collection of new! I love it that you found the right purple dress for the occasion -- and on sale, too! That flooring looks fantastic. I love the clean lines of your space. Your new routine sounds heavenly. I hope it lasts and lasts ;-)

ellen b said...

Lots of new good things. The floor looks great! Glad you have found a good routine to make your days go better! Have a wonderful weekend.

Willow said...

New bamboo floors look great! And the new photos of Claire are wonderful, too.
No snow? Wow! My grandkids in MD are STILL off school!

Barbara H. said...

I had not heard of bamboo flooring before seeing you mention it. It looks nice! So glad it is done.

How neat to find a great deal for a specific purpose unexpectedly!

Your weekend routine sounds great. Saturdays used to be my slow-to-start day, but hubby and I have started going to the gym, so I'll have to relax later in the day. I agree, it's vital to have a rest and restoration time set aside sometime during the week.

Claire's photos look so lovely and graceful!

Schotzy said...

Great fives... I particularly was taken by your new routine.. sounds like what I need to do,,,,,especially the part about less FB... and more time on BS. Which hits at a great time for me as I begin this new group....

Shaheen said...

I love the colour purple and how lucky you found in a dress for the wedding.