"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

05 February 2016

February Faves

I'm thankful it's Friday. It's been a long week.

I need this exercise of reflecting back on the week and finding FIVE of my FAVE blessings from God.  I'm linking up over at Susanne's site.  Jump in and join us!

photo courtesy of the Union Village website

  • MOTHER/DAUGHTER DAY:  I wanted to go back to this store which is about a 45 minute drive north-east of where I live.  I wanted to get one more area rug from them for my living room floor.  I was praying they would have the same pattern/color...and they did!!  For 10% off because, sadly, the store is closing after 22 years of business...and my daughters and I JUST discovered it this past autumn.  So I was thankful my oldest (Courtney) and I went out for the afternoon.  We had fun looking around but we only bought the rug and a packet of note cards.  I'm really going to miss this local store.  I told the owner how much I've enjoyed it...all 3 times.  (she is retiring). I love shopping in stores that are not "big box" or "chains".  To keep with our "shop local" theme, we ate a scrumptious lunch at The Village Cafe.  It was absolutely marvelous.  Inexpensive, a fun menu and a coffee bar!  I really had fun with my 22 year old.  I'm thankful we could do this together.

  • MOVIE NIGHT:  On Friday night, my husband and I decided to have an "at home date night" and watched the above movie.  We were borrowing it from a friend and had never seen it before.  It was absolutely wonderful and I've always been a Russell Crowe fan.  It was the perfect ending to a very tiring day at both of our jobs.  I love winter nights when we have no obligations and can just sit together in the family room.

  • AMAZING SERMON/WORSHIP:  We are blessed to be in this church.  I still can't believe it's been 10 years since we became members.  I am SO thankful God led us to this body of Believers with our amazing pastor.  He is doing a new sermon series on the Power of Jesus...the miracles.....and Sunday's sermon was #1.  It was all about the water into wine at the wedding feast of Cana and oh my....VERY powerful.  Combined with powerful worship songs and hymns, my soul was filled to the brim.

  • INDEPENDENT STUDY:  my 17 yr old (Claire) wanted to take French 1 this semester which means doing 2 years of French in ONE semester.  Because our school district offers French 1 only at the junior high (8th grade) with the beginning of French (sort of like a pre-level 1) in 7th, she needed to get this as an independent study (because in junior high she chose Russian to study) and needed the approval of her current Russian teacher plus the district supervisor for languages. She is in her 4th year of Russian (for 5 college credits) and did Latin 1 last year.  Because she is also taking Pre-Calc, and Physics plus Honors everything else, we weren't sure this would get approved.  BUT...it was approved!!!  Glory to God!  She met with the building principal yesterday for the final approval of studying French 1 independently.  Basically, she just has to report to a language teacher once a week and will be learning the basic vocab (all level one) on her own during her prep period at school.  There is also a DVD for her to use at home.  She is super excited and knows this 3rd language will look good on her college apps. 

  • PERMANENT:  Our oldest daughter came home from work last Friday evening and said that the arts and crafts store she has been working in has officially hired her as permanent part time. Glory to God!! (she was "seasonal" until January 31st).  Meaning, she has a steady paycheck to begin paying back her Stafford loan from college and will still have time to write cover letters and apply to graphic design jobs.  Now...she just needs to stop dawdling and get some of these applications done!  
that wraps up my week...nothing too exciting, but blessings are found among the mundane, everyday things, too!

What about you?  Do you have some faves to share from your week? Please do comment!

Happy Weekend!!


Monica said...

I love date night with my husband. We don't get to have that "stay at home" date night because our house is so full! ;)
Yes, so thankful when our children get jobs to pay those debts that begin coming in after school. Our daughter found a job in her field within a couple of months. Praise Jesus for that!
Hope Claire does well in French. That's a great language to learn. We don't have that option here in the sticks! :) LOL!
Hope you have a nice enjoyable weekend Faith!

Ann said...

A THIRD language!! Impressive!!

Also nice to know the job is permanent. We don't think as much about jobs. . . until we need them. Good news.

Barbara H. said...

Glad you found the matching rug and had a fun outing! That's too bad about the store closing. I have needed a rug for my living room since we moved here and haven't found anything in the chain stores - I need to make time to look at the local places.

We watched that movie a while back - great fun. Most of our dates are at home now since we can't leave my m-i-l at home alone, but that's my preference anyway.

It's so neat when everything comes together to be a big blessing at church.

Wow, Claire has a lot on her plate this year. Glad she got her third language approved. I don't know what she wants to study in college, but I've known of bilingual people making good money as translators.

How wonderful for your daughter's job to turn permanent! My youngest son's job started out the same way as Christmas help, and they kept him on last year.

Susanne said...

So happy the job situation worked out for Courtney!

My hubby and I watched Pan together last weekend. Can't say I was totally enthralled with the story line but the 3D was really good. We usually have that kind of date night on Saturdays and he makes his scrumptious popcorn.

Glad you got your rug. Hate when a just found great store closes down.

Jerralea said...

Miss Claire is such an accomplished young lady! I'm sure she will do well at French.

Also, congrats to Courtney on her permanent job. I'm sure when the timing is right, a job in her field will open up.

It's wonderful to hear of someone who is so excited about their church even after 10 years of membership! Wish we had more like you! I think part of the reason you enjoy where you are is because you get involved. Your pastor's series sounds like a wonderful one!

Isn't that always the way... you find a place you like to shop and it closes ...

Gattina said...

That's a pity that the store closes ! I think your daughter is very right to learn Russian ! French meanwhile is not so important anymore, because it had been the language for diplomats but is now only used in France, Canada and a little part of Switzerland. English has become the language of the world. But Russia is a big country and here in Europe too more and more students are learning Russian. Good for later business discussions !

Willow said...

Launching out into the adult world of applications, resumes and, interviews is hard. I hope it goes well for her. And hurray for the permanent job!
As for smelling the pine trees--smelling any evergreen tree would be second on my list. I wonder where there are both ocean and fir trees...