"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

18 March 2016

Mid-March Faves

Mid-March already!!

Spring begins on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to all that the season will bring.

But for now, I'm pausing in my week and looking back to find FIVE FAVES to share, that I'm grateful for. I like to think of them as gifts from God.

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image courtesy of movieguide website
  • NIGHT OUT!  My neighbor and I went out to the movies with her husband and a friend of theirs from their church.  Dave had a missions event to attend so it was perfect timing for me since I had no plans last Friday evening.  What a great movie!  It kept very close to Scripture for the important parts and the story, from the perspective of an unbeliever was very well portrayed.  The beginning was a bit violent but hey.....war is violent.....my favorite part about the movie was the portrayal of Jesus.  I think it's the best portrayal of Jesus I have ever seen in a movie.  So well done!  (including the physical appearance). If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.  A Christian movie that isn't sappy!! I'm grateful I got to see it and the tickets were at a reduced price!


  • DATE NIGHT!  Saturday night, Dave and I had an "at home" date night.  We have these often in the winter months...and even sometimes in the warmer months.  We both needed to just have a relaxing evening as Saturday was filled with chores/errands, spring cleaning was started.  By dinner time, I was wiped so we rented this movie from Red Box and just sat together on the couch laughing our heads off.  It was just so funny and very well done.  I'm grateful for the relaxing weekend I had!  It was much needed.
first crocus

  • BIRDS AND BLOOMS! This past week saw warmer temps during the day, bright sunshine, the start of green grass, robins, and crocuses!  Sadly, it appears either a squirrel or rabbit got to some of my bulbs again this year....only this one yellow crocus is up.  But it's such a bright spot of color amidst last summer's mulch.  I'm thankful for spring!
farmland and the Vermont mountains behind

horse friends at Cherry Hill Farm
  • AFTERNOON WALK:  This past Wednesday was simply glorious.  My youngest took my car to ballet class when I got home from work so I had the late afternoon to do a good power walk.  I hit the pavement and did almost 2 miles around my housing development and then out to the main road next to Cherry Hill Farm which is across from our neighborhood.  Some of their horses were out and it was great to walk over and see them. I love being able to do a "work-out" outdoors in nature.  Spring is springing up all over and I'm grateful I live in a neighborhood that is kind of like the country more than suburbia. 

  • PRAYER TIME  Wednesday evening Dave came home from a 3 day business trip and we really needed to connect and pray with each other. I"m so grateful we had a small chunk of time to sit together on the couch and pray for and with each other.  We both need some prayer right now regarding a couple of physical issues  and we covet your prayers. We both need to be healthy for next week's Passion Road which we are both a part of.  I'm so grateful for the power of prayer.
That wraps up my week...there are always blessings to be found....

what were some of yours this past week?


Susanne said...

I really liked the movie Risen! So well done and I thought that Joseph Fiennes did a wonderful job with his portrayal of the Roman soldier assigned to find Jesus after the crucifixtion. There were some really good insights in the movie.

I was wondering about that other movie you mentioned. Maybe we'll rent it this weekend off on demand. We watched In the Heart of the Sea last weekend and it was pretty good, intense but good.

Walking out in the country is really nice. Nice to have such great access to that regularly!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a good week with a trip to the movies, a date night and time and space to walk. I hope you are strengthened by your prayers. Have a good weekend.

Paula said...

I haven't seen either of the movies you mentioned; I will have to add them to my list. I, too, have been enjoying walking outdoors now that the weather is gradually warming up. I hope all goes well for your Easter program at church.

Jerralea said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the movies. It's rare I watch a movie but I like to know what is good if I'm going to see one.

I'm so happy for you that you are having such glorious weather! Spring can really be a wonderful time of year. I know you love being out-of-doors, so it's such a blessing for you.

That Passion Road your church is putting on - wow, what a creative idea! I'm looking forward to you telling us all about how it went.

God bless and have a beautiful weekend.

Barbara H. said...

We enjoyed The Intern very much except for one scene and a foul word or two. It's too bad filmmakers feel like they have to toss that kind of thing in.

What a bright spot the crocus is! We have a few daffodils making their way up.

I'm glad spring is just around the corner, too.

Gattina said...

Love the horses ! I am waiting for spring it is still so cold here in Belgium !

Anonymous said...

Afternoon walks are so nice. I am glad the weather is improving enough to be able to do that without freezing. Although, we are expecting a weekend storm around here....

Mia said...

I've been wanting to see The Intern since I first saw the trailer! Perhaps we'll have that for our next at-home date night as well. :) We have at home dates frequently because our son was adopted from foster care and can't handle anyone else putting him to bed (we sometimes get day dates because he's fine to be babysat in the day) so we've learned to make at home dates a priority.

I'm glad you were able pray with your husband. What a blessing to be able to connect in such a personal way. And glad you've enjoyed being out in the lovely weather!

shortybear said...

nice post.