"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

22 April 2016


I love spring!!

It has really been gorgeous here all week....cool mornings and cool evenings but sunshine-filled days and warmer temperatures that beckons to the biker, hiker, kayaker in me.....but of course, I am still working.....today is the last day of work and then all next week I will be on Spring Break!!  It is later this year here in eastern NY and I am actually glad.....the weather is nicer than last year!

I'm taking some time out to pause and share FIVE of my FAVE things about spring this year.  I do this by linking up at Susanne's site to read what other bloggers have to share.  How about joining in with us?

front yard flowers under the cherry tree

  • FLOWERS!  They started popping open over last weekend....I first noticed them opening up on Sunday afternoon...soon my tulips will be open as well.  Love the spring flowers and colors!  So thankful these have lasted quite a few years...they are low maintenance...they come up every April.
Wednesday late afternoon sun in living room
  • LATE AFTERNOON SUNLIGHT  The front of our house gets the afternoon sun and in the late afternoon (between 4-6 pm) it is especially pretty hitting the bamboo floor of the living room and bouncing off the cornmeal yellow walls.  I love sitting in there after work to do my quiet time, read blogs, check emails and relax before power walking or dinner prep.  No matter what the season is, I love the late afternoon sunlight. 
front porch rest
  • "just because" Dave called me last Saturday while he was running errands and told  me he wanted to buy me something!  I just had to laugh.  I said it was too early for mother's day.  He said that didn't matter...he just wanted to get me a gift "just because". So...he bought me the porch rocker pictured above which had been on my "wish list" for the last several years.  Unfortunately our side hall colonial doesn't have a real porch..it's really just a stoop...but it fits and it works for me!  On hot summer mornings, that porch will be in the shade while the deck is in the sun so if I get too hot on the deck, I can walk around and rock in the shade!  I am thankful for a husband who really knows my love language!!

  • GOLD PLACEMENT!  Our youngest, Claire, went with other members of her Russian 4 class (she is a junior) to University of Albany on Wednesday for the Russian Olympiada, a state competition where students who study Russian compete orally.  Claire won a gold medal this year!!  The Olympiada is tough because many of the students are actually Russian students from NYC and they attend a school where only Russian is spoken.  Of course, now that Claire is in Russian 4 and taking it for 5 college credits, her high school class is only conducted in Russian as well.  She is quite good and we are very proud of her! (she expected just to get silver like last year so I was thrilled to hear her news!!).  I'm also so thankful that our suburban high school is still offering Russian language as many of the other schools around eastern NY have dropped it.

  • FITNESS WALKING WITH A FRIEND: Last evening a friend of mine who also happens  to work in the classroom down the hall from mine, and also happens to be in my small group and goes to my church, met me at the town bike path where we spent an hour walking, followed by frozen yogurt at the new all natural frozen yogurt place in town.  It was so much fun!  We had opened this event up to all members of my small group but only the two of us showed up.  I am thankful for the friendships I have made this year by being a small group leader.
That wraps it up for me!

I am going to be on Spring Break and traveling down to PA for most of next week to do a college visit at this place with my youngest.  We are combining it with a visit to someone very special to us so I will not be doing the FFF next Friday as I will be gone for several days. My husband and oldest daughter will be managing the home!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying what Spring offers!


Wendy said...

Love your rocker. And well done to your daughter. I took Russian for a year in high school but didn't pursue it after that. It's a hard language to master especially with the different alphabet so that's some achievement. I hope your walking group takes off - as in more members but if you get along well with your friend I'm sure it will still be fun with just the two of you.

Gattina said...

That's a nice chair and place to soak the sunshine in ! it's about time after these long dark and grey days ! You really can be proud of your daughter ! Russian is not easy to learn at all, but very useful in the future !

nikkipolani said...

Yes, yes, yes, I love spring, too! Sweet muscari and species tulips (?) under your tree. And your dear husband has you ready for summer with that pretty rocker.

Congrats to Claire! Very impressive work. Enjoy your spring break!

Barbara H. said...

I love rockers on porches! We've had some flowers coming up, too - so glad to see them.

Congratulations to your daughter! Wow!

We have a room at the front of our house - I call it a "sitting room" as it is much smaller than a living room - but it gets the most sunshine. Whenever I sit in there, I think, Wow, I should do this more often! :-)

ellen b said...

You are lookin good in your new rocker in that sunshine! What a fun thing for your husband to do. Wow! Hats off too your daughter for getting gold. She speaks better than me for sure. It's great to have a walking buddy...Willow from Friday's Fave Five used to be mine when Dear and I lived in California. I miss walking with her...
Hope your weekend is going well.

Willow said...

Ooooh! I love your new rocker! And now you can sit and rock anywhere, anytime.
Enjoy your outdoors spring break time! I surely miss my walking buddy!!

Melanie Lopata said...

Ah, relaxing in a rocker is my idea of relaxation!! And afternoon sunlight pouring into the house is even better! Sunlight is something we desperately need lately.

Your flowers are pretty. I Don't have outdoor flowers yet but this weekend plan on planting my rose bushes. The ones I bought last year were awful!