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05 August 2016

First Week of August Faves

It is August....my 2nd favorite month!!  (June being my absolute fave).

It's time to reflect back on the week and give thanks for  FIVE things that blessed us.  We link up at Susanne's to participate.


  • COUPLES TIME!  Sunday, the social group I organize with our church friends, was supposed to head 2 hours north to one of our fave lakes and have our annual Beach BBQ Bash.  We woke up to pouring rain (which this area really did need).  Although it was only cloudy up at the lake, no one really wanted to pack everything up in the rain, so we had people drop in that afternoon to eat the cupcakes, salads, etc that people had made as a way of celebrating my husband's 50th birthday as well as the other 2 men in the group who had turned 50 the end of July.  It was so much fun.  We had such an amazing time and although my family room, dining room and kitchen are rather small (we just have a side hall colonial), it all worked out and everyone told me they had a blast.  I'm so glad we were spontaneous and I'm so thankful we have this great group of couples to do life with!!

  • CHORES ACCOMPLISHED:  This past week was one for chores, errands, little things like school supply shopping for our youngest, groceries, bill paying,  dental check-ups, and a run to the bank.  I'm thankful that everything on my "to do" list was accomplished in just 2 days and that Claire and I had good dental reports.  Whew.....

  • LIBRARY VISIT:  I had to return a book to the library so while I was there one morning this week, I decided to browse the "new fiction" section since it had been awhile since I had.  I'm so happy I took the time to just browse....I found 3 books that are perfect for summer reading and to take on vacation with me in 2 weeks.  All 3 look intriguing!  I love when I find great books for free at our town library!

photo courtesy of Starbucks website

  • ICED COCONUT MILK MOCHA MACCHIATO!  Oh.my.goodness.  After Claire and I had our dental check-ups, before going to buy her school supplies, we decided to get iced coffees.  She ended up with the iced green tea and I totally splurged on the above drink.  I did get it in the smallest size but wow.....DELICIOUS!  This was the first time I had had this iced drink.  It was heavenly.  Definitely my fave from $tarbucks.
View from the Cove on Moreau Lake
looking towards the beach

Moreau Lake State Park
3 August 2016
view from my kayak

  • SUN, SWIMMING, SAND:  Claire and I decided to head up to the lake where our kayaks are kept for the season, to do some sunning, swimming, reading on the sand, and kayaking.  We set up our area of the beach (it was a perfect summer day...no humidity, temps in the high 70s and gorgeous blue sky with full sun), and decided to eat a snack, do some reading, then drive the car over to the boat launch to do some kayaking back to the beach.  It was awesome.  After we kayaked over to our spot on the beach, we went swimming  then did some more reading.  She decided to nap in the sun so I took my kayak and went over to the cove area where I could see fish, turtles, a goose family, ducks and usually a blue heron although that day he didn't seem to be around.  I then kayaked back across the lake and went swimming again with Claire.  We stayed until the beach closed at 6 although the park is actually open until sunset.  After we kayaked back to the boat launch to lock the boats, we drove over to the beach to pack up and head home for a late dinner.  I'm so thankful for this time spent with her, especially, as she looked over at me in the car and said "This was a perfect day". SCORE!  I'm really thankful my 17 year old still likes to hang out with me.
That wraps up my week......

I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

What is something you are thankful for from your week?


Barbara H. said...

Your get-together sounds great - so glad you were able to adapt rather than having to cancel. Belated happy 50th to your husband!

It's so nice to get all those chores taken care of in a short time. Your day with Claire sounds just lovely.

Karen said...

Okay, this is the second FFF that I've read with that iced coconut macchiato. I think the universe is trying to tell me something and I should try one;)

I've been hanging out at our library a lot this summer and allowing myself to just browse through the stacks. I've been lucky in the great books I'm finding. It's nice to just see what catches my eye and speaks to me.

Have a nice weekend, Faith.

Melissa R said...

Again with the coffee! I'm totally kidding; I just finished reading Susanne's post. It sounds great, though I generally can't justify paying $tarbucks prices. :)

Finishing your to-do list in two days, enjoying time with friends, and spending a fabulous day with your daughter are definitely reasons to celebrate!

Have a blessed weekend!

Wendy said...

That coffee seems popular this week lol. What a lovely sounding day with your daughter and sounds like the alternative BBQ worked out well too.

Willow said...

I had to look up on google what a 'side hall colonial' house is. I've learned a lot about the differences in description of houses. For example, we on the west coast say "ranch" and east coasters say "rancher".
Hmmm, maybe one day I'll try that Starbuck's drink. Two of you FFFers have recommended it.
Your impromptu party at home sounds just fine--everyone had a great time! And happy birthday to your hubby.
Also, I'm so glad your daughter loves to hang out with you--my girls do too and we do when we can (2500-3000 miles distance doesn't make it easy).

Patti said...

Your get-together with your friends sounds lovely. I've been learning that spontaneity makes for some really fun times. I don't think people really care what the size of a person's house is---they just want to enjoy the people who live there.

Happy birthday to your husband. I had been dreading hitting "the 50 club," but once I got here, I found it isn't bad at all Now the 60 club is another story...but I've got 5 years to get ready for that.

It's so awesome when our teenage (and older) kids want to hang out with us. Actually, my daughter and I have been best friends always, even through her teenage years. And now that she's in her mid 20's and married, we are still best friends (girlfriends, that is, as her husband is a best friend too). I hope you and your daughter will always be close!

Have a wonderful day,
Patti @ Embracing Home

Susanne said...

The time with Claire does sound absolutely perfect! Going with the flow can certainly end up being just as fun. It really is all about the people you are with. I remember Hubby's mom used to pack the people into a tiny wartime house which literally had no kitchen and a teeny tiny livingroom and no one cared. It was all about the friendships and being together. Miss those times!