"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

28 October 2016

End of October Faves


It's already been  6 weeks since school began....my youngest has already had her 5 week progress report grades posted on the school website and she is finishing up the college application process.  How is this possible??

I'm taking a pause in my day to reflect back on the week and find FIVE FAVES that God has brought into it.  I do this by linking up with other bloggers at Susanne's blog....she has been hosting this now for quite a number of years and it's a great way to give thanks for our many blessings.
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  • FAMILY FUN:  Last Saturday afternoon, one of my younger sisters (Hope) and her husband (Donny) drove out for a visit. She is the one who lives in the central part of NY in the woods with goats, a pig, chickens, a garden. I made a big pot of homemade tomato basil veggie soup and garlic bread. For dessert I had made pumpkin bars....they were so good with a cup of coffee.  We ended up playing 2 fave board games and had a blast.  Even my teenager joined in to play her favorite game, Apples to Apples. We had a lot of good conversation and a lot of laughs.  Sometimes just the simple blessings of fun and food with good fellowship is the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Dave about a half mile from our neighborhood

our friends, the horses, on the farm across the road from our home

  • SUNDAY WALK:  After church on Sunday, Dave and I decided to get some much needed fresh air and movement so we did a power walk.  But it ended up being a short one at just 1 1/2 miles throughout the neighborhood because the wind was so cold!  Even though the temp said 49 degrees, it felt like it was in the mid  to lower 30s.  It was a gorgeous but very cold autumn day. I'm thankful we took the time to walk together. It made for a nice afternoon.

  • FLANNEL SHEETS:  I put them on our bed last weekend when the temperature took a dip down to the low 40s because we I still like to sleep with the window open a bit.  The flannel  sheets are so cozy!  I'm thankful for how soft and warm they are.....and my husband likes them too!

  • SAFE TRAVELS:  Our oldest girl and 3 of her church friends traveled down to Philadelphia (a 5 hour drive from here) last weekend to attend a convention.  They arrived safely and came home on Sunday with no problems.  This always makes me thankful!

  • FLEECE JACKETS:  These photos were taken yesterday afternoon.  Our first snow of the school year. I'm not a fan of the white stuff falling down from the skies during the autumn season.  It is still autumn until my youngest daughter's birthday on Dec 21. I sure do wish the weather realized this! HA!  But seriously, this took me by surprise and I'm thankful I had already had the fleece jackets washed and ready to wear...we needed them yesterday!  Temps are supposed to rise to 60 degrees again after the weekend so I'm thankful for that, too!

That wraps up my faves.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Weston, Vermont 2013


Gattina said...

Snow ? how awful, we have rather warm weather ! Talking about fleece jackets, I just bought two, one for Mr. G. and one for me, it's so warm and practical to wear in the house !

Barbara H. said...

Snow already! Hope it holds off coming again until Dec. My anniversary is on your daughter's birthday. :-) I've just been thinking about getting out some winter clothes. We have sweaters out but it's gotten down to the 30s a couple of days this week. Thankfully the rest of the week has been in the 50s to 70s. We love those two games. Glad for your daughter's safe travels. I'm always a little on edge until I hear one of our family has gotten safely to their destination.

Susan said...

I agree, the cold weather needs to respect the autumn boundaries! lol

Good thing you were prepared for the cold weather. Fleece jackets are so comfy. I don't have one but I do have a comfy, fleece blanket.

How lovely to be able to take a Sunday walk with your hubby. That is a perfect way to spend a Sunday, well, add a nap, and then it is perfect!

Have a great week. And I hope there is NO snow.

ellen b. said...

Hello dear Faithe, What a great post of food, fellowship, safe travels, flannel sheets, and warm clothing weather. I have to say I'm happier in a coat than in a bikini. LOL! That might be because of the extra weight I seem to have gathered past my 50's. I think I noticed the good food in the post above this one. Hope you have a great weekend.

collettakay said...

We haven't had any snow yet here in Southern PA and we're supposed to have a gorgeous week ahead! Thanks for stopping by :)


Wendy said...

Snow? Brrrr. I'm glad you were prepared. Have a good weekend.

Susanne said...

We've already had one snowfall a couple of weeks ago already but it came and went quickly. Those are two of our favourite games too. Another is Things. Have you ever played that?

Willow said...

Snow! I suppose it's all melted now and your temperatures are up. We've had rain and we loved it.
And now I want to pull out my flannel sheets too--they really are the best in winter.
I'm glad your girl and her friends had a safe trip. As mothers our hearts do go with our children even after they're grown and off on their own adventures.

Kathie said...

I really enjoy game nights too - have you heard of Exploding Kittens? An awful title but quite fun to play :)

Glad your girl and friends arrived safely - I know the thankful heart feeling too.

Snow?? It didn't make it up here thankfully - although it will no doubt! We've had a lot of rain though - and apparently we need it as the water tables are still low from the summer. I'm hoping for some blue skies though.

Hope you're having a good week Faith