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26 November 2016

2016 Book Review #66: Breakdown

This book is the latest in the Alex Delaware mystery series by one of my fave authors.  Or at least he used to be a fave author...I have since discovered a few I prefer over this particular one.

I grabbed it when I saw it on the library shelf as there is usually a waiting list for his books.

I could have waited.


Alex Delaware, the psychologist who often works with one of LAPD's detective's Milo Sturgis, has met the emotionally/mentally fragile and beautiful actress, Zelda Chase.  He actually evaluated her five year old son Ovid, as a favor to a friend and colleague.

Several years later, when Ovid is 11 years old, Alex and Zelda meet again when she is committed to a psychiatric facility after a very odd psychotic episode in the Bel Air neighborhood of Hollywood.  Alex decides to turn to his detective friend Milo once again, to try and figure out where Ovid has disappeared to and why Zelda has become so unbalanced.  Her own psychiatrist has since died and Alex really knows nothing about Zelda or her family history and no one seems to know where her little boy is, now that she is detained in the facility.

Soon after Zelda is released from the center, she is found dead on the grounds of a huge estate in Bel Air.  Alex suspects foul play.  And sure enough, this death appears to be a homicide and not a suicide.

Meanwhile, other victims turn up in the same neighborhood.....they went from being missing persons to being found dead.  All were from poison!

As the investigation continues on, Milo and Alex soon uncover a bizarre betrayal of innocence, twisted family secrets and shattered dreams.

Will Alex find Ovid and if he does, what will be his state of mind??


Wow.  I was hugely disappointed in this story.  Usually I really enjoy the fast-paced mystery that  takes place in these books but this one just seemed to plod along for me.

I just couldn't really get into it but I kept at it to find out what happened to Ovid.

I'm glad I stuck with it but this was definitely not one of the better Delaware books, in my opinion.  The whole subject matter was creepy and icky and a bit hard to believe.  I did like that the perpetrator was someone I wasn't suspecting at first nor was it a character the reader would say was predictable.  

I loved finding out what happened with Ovid and actually the book started getting really good at about chapter 38.  There were 45 chapters total. The ending was awesome!

I think this is the first Delaware book that I just haven't thoroughly enjoyed.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older (due to mature content/theme).

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 7.


Susanne said...

Wow, you really stuck with it before it got good for you. I don't know if I could last until chapter 38.

Faith said...

haha...Susanne! I actually put it down about 4x and then read some magazines i needed to catch up on (hiking stuff) and then finally said to myself i have GOT to find out what happened to the little boy!!

Melanie Lopata said...

Yep I've read books that have dragged but haven't wanted to put them down....just to see the ending. Disappointing though.