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04 November 2016

First of November Faves

Will someone please stop time??

Seriously, I'm not even working outside the home this year and yet this school year is racing by!  How is it November already??

The month of giving thanks goes by so quickly....let's pause a minute and share FIVE of our FAVE blessings from the past week.  Join in by linking up at Susanne's.

Claire, age 17, dressed as Holly Golightly

  • CLAIRE'S COSTUME!  Seniors are allowed to dress up on the last Friday of October around Halloween if they want to, at our public high school. There is a LONG list of rules they have to follow regarding the costumes, though.  They also are allowed to have a dance the last Thursday of October and they can go in costume with the same rules as for during the next day at school.  Claire chose to go as one of her favorite movie characters.  Do any of you know which movie the character Holly Golightly is from??  Hint:  the upper level hall principal awarded her with one of the prizes for being "the person most likely to eat breakfast at Tiffany's!" She put together the costume herself, borrowing the black dress from big sis Courtney, wearing shoes from a dance last year, and we bought the gloves, brooch (to add to her own pearl necklace) and the cigarette holder from the local costume shop in Albany.  She watched a You Tube video on how to do a classic French twist and yes, it worked but not quite like the way the French do as her hair is to her waist so is too long!  She was not allowed to wear the sunglasses but she kept them on top of her head as that was allowed.  And of course the cigarette holder had to be empty.  She was a hit!  If all of the seniors went there would have been 453 kids dressed up.  She said about half the class went. I'm thankful she had a safe and fun dance night with all of her friends. 
Anita, Rhonda, Kevin, Dave
Dave, Linda
  • ANNUAL AUTUMN GET-TOGETHER:  Each autumn for the last 5 years, Dave and I have hosted an annual couples get together.  This year it was supposed to be a bonfire with chili and wine.  Well, it was pouring (we did need the rain) in the morning so the bonfire didn't happen as all the wood we had to burn was wet.  We stayed in the house, hung out, chatted, laughed, ate 3 bean chili and my vegan cornbread (everyone loved it...whew!), and some of the ladies brought fruit, brownies, sparkling waters.  I had purchased a delicious cranberry wine that was just perfect for our autumn celebration.  We did it open house style this year so people came anytime between 1-6 pm.  It was marvelous. Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of everyone as I was busy keeping the food going! I'm very thankful for being able to do life with this group of Christian friends.
image courtesy of imdb
  • MOVIE TIME!  Courtney was home one night and wanted to watch a Netflix movie with me (shocking!).  Even though I had seen it before, I decided to do this with her because really.....I don't get to do these things that much any more with my oldest.  We made popcorn and laughed at the corny jokes and kinda sappy plot but the together time was so awesome.  I'm thankful I took the time to spend with her.
  • ANOTHER PUMPKIN!  A special little 6 yr old boy I worked with last year, couldn't make it to my house for trick or treats so I brought his treats over to him after school on Tuesday.  Before I left he insisted I take one of his pumpkins.  He's the type of kid who will not be happy if you say No to his little gifts.  SO.....his pumpkin now sits on the little white stool where the teal pumpkin had been (that is now put away until next year).  I'm thankful for autumn treasures and the giving spirit of a special little boy. 

Leaves here are almost off the tree!

The trail is littered with leaves!

Yes there is a trail under all those leaves!
  • SOLITARY HIKE!  Wednesday was a perfect morning for a hike and I had no one to go with!  My one hiking partner for during the work week happens to work on Wednesdays...I didn't want the day to be wasted so I ventured out to one of our local state parks (we have FIVE all within a 20-30 minute radius of Albany!). If you look at the map from the link above, I took the perimeter trail to the deer run trail and did the entire deer run and then back via the connector trail. I have gone often to this one and I wasn't too nervous about hiking alone here because I knew there would be other hikers.  While I was there, the sun started going behind some grey clouds so I only did one loop instead of all 3 trails.  I hiked 1.7 miles and then ran some errands before heading home.  The fresh air, scent of those fallen, crisp leaves and the solitude was just what my spirit needed.  I had time to pray, think, and just enjoy nature.  There were about a dozen cars in the lot but I only saw 4 hikers the entire time.  It was so quiet and peaceful....I'm so thankful I live near state parks and because it's after Columbus Day, there are no fees to enter the park!
That wraps up my week.  I hope you all have a  restful weekend, doing the things that bless you!


Gattina said...

She doesn't look as if she would wear a costume (besides the cigarette holder) it looks as if she goes to a Cocktail party, very chic ! Unfortunately we don't have any couples as friends anymore, they are all divorced or widows, sad to say, we are the only "survivors" with 47 years of marriage !

nikkipolani said...

Oh, I like that Holly Golightly costume! Now, if only she could keep an orange cat circling her ankles but I'm sure that would be against the rules :-(

Your porch looks so sweet with those pumpkins -- especially the gifted one :-)

Barbara H. said...

Wow, Claire did such a great job on her costume! Your couples get-together sounds fun. We just had a movie night, too, first time in a long while. That's sweet about the gifted pumpkin. How great to live near so many parks.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh what a sweet little boy -he must have learned from his generous teacher -that was very nice of you to go out of your way to give him his Halloween treat.

ellen b said...

Claire looks fabulous. What a fun costume. Glad you had a good week with lots of good times with friends and family. What a sweet boy to think of giving you a parting gift. Hope your weekend is going well. We're listening to the rain pour down right now...no bonfires today. :)

Willow said...

You are making me feel more secure in hiking alone. The Professor and I hiked yesterday and I mentioned that in this particular place, I would feel confident and safe to hike alone. Maybe I'll try it this week!
Claire looks adorable!
How sweet to have another pumpkin and one from your former student-- you have three more pumpkins on your porch than I have! And I love that some of your autumn 'decor' is the leaves around you!

Susanne said...

How sweet you came home with a pumpkin gift. This is the first year I didn't decorate my front steps with pumpkins. Somehow so unmotivated this year in the decorating department. Nice that you were able to still get out even though you didn't have a partner. The couples event sounds like fun.

Susan said...

How awesome that you live so close to great hiking trails. I am scared to go by myself. But everytime you talk about hiking I get the urge to do so, too.

What a lovely yearly tradition. Couple friends are hard to come by where everyone clicks. Tasty sounding menu, too. I had turkey chili this past week and it was DELISH.

Your daughter looked gorgeous. How fun to be able to dress up and as someone so glamorous.