"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

09 December 2016

December Faves

It's Friday and time to reflect back on this week.....and what a busy one it was for us and I'm sure for you too!

Let's pause in the busyness of the Christmas prep and find FIVE of our FAVE things to praise God for.  I'm joining with others by linking up with Susanne.

  • CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  Last Sunday I loved being in church for the second Sunday of Advent and the Christmas songs that were sung in worship.  I'm so thankful for all kinds of Christmas music to help get us in the spirit of the season.

  • CHRISTMAS MOVIES! Claire and I (and sometimes Courtney and Dave) have been enjoying the past couple of weekends with our collection of Christmas movies.  We save our very fave for Christmas Eve after all 3 services, but enjoy the other classics throughout the month of December.  I'm thankful my family likes the old classics....they are awesome and so much better than the modern ones in my opinion. The one pictured above is my favorite and Claire likes to watch it first right after Thanksgiving.

  • JOB OFFER!  I'm super excited that on Tuesday,  I was offered a special education TA job for this place. I will be working specifically with a child with social/emotional/behavioral disorders. (I prayed, discussed with hubby and hemmed and hawed for one day before accepting the position). It is  every day, school calendar, plus the 6 week summer program. The hours were what drew me in:  8:30--1:30. I'm taking a pay cut as is special education preschool/prek and funded differently than public school but the center director is awesome and the staff in the classroom I will be in are wonderful.  I begin next Wednesday.  I'm thankful I get to keep my foot in special education and go back to working with prek kids. (I used to do master teaching at that level, different school but very similar to this one...I began my career teaching language disordered and social/emotionally disturbed preschoolers.)  Although the job ends in August and I will need to have another one lined up for Sept to help with college costs, I am very excited to work with this child. 
From the deck door Monday morning about 7:30 a.m.

The Mohawk River as seen from the  Bike Path Monday afternoon

  • PRODUCTIVE DAYS:  Monday we woke up to snow.  By mid-morning it was gone and the sun came out so I enjoyed a wonderful 2 mile walk along our town's bike path and the Mohawk River.  It was glorious.  I  got all of my shopping for Xmas done minus one gift and my oldest daughter and I had a lot of fun running errands one day when she got home from her shift at the arts store.  I actually had 3 good power walking days with a bit of running mixed in. 

  • TEA!  I know, I know, I'm really a coffee lover but once December gets here, I do enjoy a cup of steaming hot tea in the late evening before bed. I just discovered this lemon ginger one and I love it! It has to be steaming hot though for me to drink tea, unless it's a hot day and then I like it iced.  This tea also has probiotics to help support your digestive system.  It's just so comforting on some of these colder nights.  I'm thankful I found this!

That wraps up my week.

Today is my 57th birthday (!!).  And tonight my youngest is performing with another friend who is in her lyrical ballet class.  They are dancing to Home by Michael Buble at an arts center Xmas show.  Of course I will go watch the performance and then tomorrow morning my husband and I will celebrate my birthday by going out to breakfast.

Enjoy the third weekend of Advent!


Barbara H. said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great way to celebrate! I love that song by Michael Buble. I know they will do a great job with it.

Congratulations on the job offer! Those are great hours! I'm so happy for you.

I am loving Christmas music as well. We've watched a few Christmas specials (Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas, etc.) but not any movies yet. White Christmas is the one we tend to watch every year, and sometimes we catch It's a Wonderful Life or Christmas carol or Elf.

Ann said...

Happy birthday!! You're right - old Christmas movies are so good. And congratulations on your job!

Susanne said...

Once again happy birthday to you. Enjoy your special weekend. No walking here, we've had snow and bitter cold. Hopefully it will ease up a bit before the kids have to travel home. It's a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite classic along with A Christmas Carol (with Patrick Stewart). And it's not a classic but Christmas with the Kranks is a fave around here too.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!! And congratulations on your new job! Christmas movies are the best, aren't they? I bring all of ours out at Thanksgiving and we find the old ones are always our favorites. Although, The Holiday is becoming one of my favorites, too. Thanks for the tip on the tea. I've not been a big fan of herbal teas in the past, but for some reason they are more appealing these days than my usual cuppa black tea with cream and sugar.

Jerralea said...

Happy birthday, Faithe! How great that God arranged a job with perfect hours for you as a little present! ;)

That tea looks lovely. I enjoy a late evening cup of tea or sometimes cocoa, too, during the winter months.