"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

13 January 2017

Wacky Weather Faves

It's Friday already, and for me it flew by....I had Wednesday off which broke up the week for sure.  That was an added bonus!

I'm sharing FIVE of my fave moments from the past week and linking up with others who pause to give thanks to God for our blessings.


  • FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT:  Saturday evening was bitter cold. It was only about 12 degrees F.  No one felt like going anywhere so we decided to watch the first Harry Potter movie.  Of course both my daughters have seen it many times and my oldest owns her own copy so she popped it in for us and we had loads of fun.  My husband and I had never seen it before and it was actually very well done!  Several of the characters were exactly as how I pictured them in the book.  It was a fun night....we all drank hot tea or coffee and just enjoyed the time together under fleece blankets and candle light. I'm thankful our daughters still enjoy our winter evening family nights.

behind the Clark Art Institute
Williamstown, MA
  • GIRLS DAY OUT!  Sunday, although very bitter cold with a high of 19 degrees and only 11 degrees on the mountain pass we had to drive over in the Berkshires of MA, the girls and I decided to take advantage of this art museum's free Sunday admission. It's only about a 55 minute drive for us. The museum is featuring a Japanese art exhibit for a few months.  I hadn't been there since our youngest was 2 and she is now 18! My oldest went during a French class field trip a couple years before leaving for college and it was my youngest daughter's first time. We all enjoyed the day. The town had about 2 inches of snow on the ground which is 2 inches more than in our town! We enjoyed walking in it from the car to the museum. Once inside, we warmed up with hot coffee from the cafe and then enjoyed the art, taking our time in the Japanese section. It was truly a Sabbath day for me. I'm thankful God has given us art. 
my childhood pastor, "The Rev" and my self
11 January 2017

me and Nancy, the Rev's 4th daughter
  • VISIT NORTH:  Wednesday was a day off for me, so I drove north to a town where I often hike and swim in the summer months.  I wanted to see my childhood pastor...the one who prayed with me at age 15 when I first accepted Christ as Savior. He and his wife are in their mid-80s, a couple years older than my dad.  The two families have been friends since about 1952 when my parents got married.  My folks had 4 daughters and they had 5.  Their youngest, Jean, was one of my best friends growing up and we ended up rooming together one year at RWC. Of course we have all remained good friends our whole lives.  Nancy, pictured above, happened to be up from her home in Georgia so that was a bonus. I went for a visit because Rev (we always have called him that...his real name is Richard, like my dad!) had just had some surgery and I wanted to bring him a little gift and visit him.  The drive is only about an hour away so it made for a nice visit with time to get home to the evening routines.  How I thank God for this family. There is nothing like long time friends in Christ.

  • SERVICE OPP:  Dave and I are on a service project team at church with some of his fellow missions team members.  We are going to be doing a special evening for young children in a trailer park just a bit north of us here in town.  We have decided to do a cookie decorating contest as the main activity with stations set up  around the community center that feature board games and a coloring activity.  That will be happening the end of this month and I'm excited that everything is coming together. Even our teenager is going to help out!  I'm thankful we get to serve some needy children and start to develop some relationships with them.

  • MILD WEATHER!  For the last week, we have gone from single digits at night, to temps of almost 55 degrees f the last couple of days. Here in eastern NY, we still do not have snow!  The town I was in on Wednesday, mentioned above, had a FOOT of snow.  It's just crazy around here lately.......we call it wacky winter weather.  I'm actually thankful that it's another mild winter (so far).  The snow is pretty but I am NOT a fan of everything that goes with it.
What are some blessings you discovered this week?  Please do share!



nikkipolani said...

How absolutely lovely to have a real Sabbath rest. I'm glad you mentioned the hot coffee -- I was starting to shiver at the thought of temperatures in the teens!

Love that you're maintaining and building connections with your pastor's family and the community in your cookie project.

Karen said...

It's been ages since I've seen a Harry Potter movie. Definitely need to watch them again.

How nice to meet up with your pastor and family, and that you keep that connection.

Barbara H. said...

What a fun girls' day out! We love family movie nights, too. Glad you had a good visit with old friends and everything is coming together for the service activity. We had temps down to 7 a week or so ago but are back up in the 50s where I like them. :-)

Deb said...

Sounds like a good week - even with the weird weather. So nice you got to see your former pastor. That is a great service project you are planning with the group from your church. It is always so much fun to make others happy with events like that. Enjoy the coming week!

Susanne said...

What a blessing to still be connected to the pastor who helped lead you to the Lord. That is special indeed! The night planned for the children sounds like great fun. We have had a crazy amount of snow since Christmas Eve. It has never been so high piled up on the side of our driveway. And it has been bitter cold too. But yesterday started a week's warming trend and now all that snow is melting like crazy!

Willow said...

Your Sabbath rest sounds like a great rest day. We need those, don't we?
How sweet to be able to visit Rev and see your friend, too.
I hope you continue to have 'mild' winter weather. We are so happy with our rain to help the drought.
Have a great week! Do you have Monday off?