"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 February 2017

Mid-Winter Faves

Well, we are technically past the mid-winter point, but it sure does still feel like winter just began around here! I can't complain too much though as it really hasn't been a rough one this year in eastern New York State.  Most of our days have been snow-free and rather mild compared to 2 years ago!!

I'm sharing FIVE blessings that popped up in my week.....little things that help get me through the winter months.  What are your FAVES from the week?  You can link up here.

image courtesy of Avon
  • CREAMY WASH:  I LOVE this shower gel/creamy wash for the winter months.  The original scent Skin so Soft by Avon (my sister Hope sells it!).  It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all, and rinses off so well and is so creamy you can even shave your legs with it!  I LOVE it and stock up for the winter-late spring months.

  • SCARVES:  I love infinity scarves in the colder months.  This black one is a gift from my oldest daughter...she bought it for me for Xmas.  I LOVE it....I wear it to work or church on very cold, windy days and it really keeps me warm.

  • STEAMING COFFEE: I love steaming mugs of coffee on cold winter mornings.  And again after work.  And again after dinner!  Seriously, I just love it when my coffee mug is steaming....there's nothing better in my opinion! My current fave is Sumatran Reserve by Green Mountain Coffee.

  • HAND LOTION:  I've been using the Naked Bee hand lotion for a little over a year now...I love it so much that I ended up buying the larger tube for the body. I find it locally in Saratoga Springs. You can also get it in certain health food stores or online.  My absolute fave is the Orange Blossom Honey.  They have several different scents.  I tend to stick to the Orange Blossom.  It's creamy and really softens dry winter skin.
from the front door Thursday morning
  • SNOW DAYS!  Well, yesterday we had our 2nd snow day of the school year and they both happened within 2 weeks of each other! (we have also had 3 delays this school year).  The first time was mainly because of ice.  This time, real winter arrived here in the Capital Region of NYS!  This is the most snow we've had since 2015 at once.  When I took this photo it was about 11 a.m. and my oldest daughter had just found out that the arts store where she works was closing for the day so she didn't have to go in for her shift.  Of course all the schools were closed so Claire and I were already home enjoying our coffee and books.  Dave even worked from home as many of the software engineers were doing the same thing.  He did have a conference call with Europe that wasn't too successful due to some lines being down due to the blizzard.  Apparently, where my in laws live south of Boston, they were getting a LOT more than we did.  They had blizzard warnings!  I love snow days and am thankful for them but it can be done now.  
That wraps up my faves for the week.

Whatever weather you are facing, embrace it.  I love all 4 seasons and can't imagine living anywhere other than the Great Northeast.  

But...I confess...I do prefer the warmer months.....thinking SPRING here.....



Wendy said...

Well we've had a wintry snap this week but nothing like that! Keep warm. I'm a scarf wearer too.

Willow said...

Ha! Where I am visiting, we had less than an inch of snow, but it can be done now as far as I am concerned. It's COLD!
I'm glad you got a snow day and could cuddle up with coffee and comforters (says Willow who is sipping hot tea and snuggled under The Big Boy's blankie.

Barbara H. said...

I feel the same about my area - I have always lived in the Southeast and love it except for the humidity in the summer, but I can't imagine living anywhere else. My oldest lives in RI and had a lot of snow yesterday with more forecast next week. Brr!

I loved snow days when my kids were little - so cozy.

Though I use different lotions, I love it, too, and would just be a little pile of skin flakes without it.

Susanne said...

We hardly ever have snow days here no matter the amount of snow. We had 18 inches in two days and school still marched on. LOL. I love where I live though and love that we have 4 seasons.

Love nice washes and lotions. I tried the Green Mountain Coffee when in Spokane on holidays. It was delicious but we don't get it here in Canada.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Good to know about the Avon wash and Naked Bees lotion. My skin gets so dry and itchy about this time of year. I have a hard time finding something that really works. We have had 2 snow days and a 2 hour delay since Wednesday! Like you, winter has just begun to show her true colours around here.