"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

17 March 2017


I cannot even believe it's mid-March.  And that we had this major blizzard this past week here in the Northeast!  Our eastern NY area received 17.9 inches of snow (official measurement) and the places I like to hike in the Adirondacks received 46 inches!!  My childhood hometown area in central NYS (what we call upstate) received 30.  I am so ready for SPRING which officially begins on Monday but with this snow dump I'm not sure if it will ever get here!!

For now, I'm taking time to sip my Starbucks cafe mocha (my splurge for the week) and share my FIVE FAVES that God brought into the past week.  There are several of us who engage in this and then we all link up at Susanne's site.  How about sharing with us?

  • DECISION MADE!  Yes, I am taking the Special Education Assistant Teacher position that opened up in the classroom where I've been a 1:1 aide since December 14th.  Yes, this is a full time position.  You can read about the decision and what God showed me by clicking here if you are interested.  My official duties and new hours (8-2:30) begin Monday.  I'm thankful for this opportunity.  The logo above is the agency logo.

  • EVENT PLANNING:  Dave and I went out Friday night in the single digit weather to attend a dinner and event planning meeting at church. At first I didn't want to go.  By Fridays I am just so tired from the work week.  But we were planning our next outreach to the children of the trailer park to the north of us via our church's Grace in Action program and I wanted to hear what the plan was going to be. We are going to have an Easter/Spring theme the last Friday of this month and I am in charge of the playdough table with the little ones.  This should be lots of fun.  We will also be giving out little blessing bags of healthy snacks and small toys relating to Easter.  It ended up being a fun meeting and it only lasted about an hour!  I'm thankful we get to serve in this outreach.

  • BREAKFAST DATE:  Last Saturday was bitter cold.  So instead of hiking with 3 other friends, I cancelled the hike and  one of the friends and I met for breakfast at our fave local diner.  I had a Belgian waffle, coffee and bacon (something I really NEVER eat....a real splurge for sure).  Deb (we are friends through church) and I talked for about 2 hours inside the cozy warmth of the diner.  It was just what we needed!!  

from my family room

  • SNOW DAYS!!  Well, as most of you probably know, the Blizzard2017 happened.  I guess the meteorologists were calling it Stella.  Our eastern NY area hadn't had this kind of storm since 2003.  We ended up with 17 inches.  This is the view of my deck on Wednesday morning..the reason the door is open is because I was so hot from shoveling snow with my husband.  Everything in the area shut down, even the government offices, on Tuesday and then Wednesday most of the area schools were closed again.  My husband did go in on Wednesday but worked from home on Tuesday because he had brought his work laptop home on Monday night knowing he probably wouldn't make it in.  It was kind of fun to just sit around, read, drink coffee, watch Netflix, relax.  Wednesday, though, I was getting bored so I tackled some housework projects that were needing to be done.  Now my weekend can be somewhat free as I had those 2 days off in the middle of the week! (notice the deck table:  all the snow had blown off with the fierce winds!!)

  • SALES!   This past week LLBean had a good sale on hiking clothes and gear.  I used the sale, plus the promotion code "TRAILS" plus 5 of our Visa coupons and bought 2 things for my self and something for Dave and the entire bill was less than $65.  I love a good sale!  And they were all things we actually needed.
That wraps up my week.

I hope wherever you are, that you enjoy a restful weekend.

Monday is the official start of the Spring season....let's hope we are done with the white stuff!!



Barbara H. said...

We had snow in our forecast but thankfully didn't get any. I hope winter is officially done soon.

Congratulations on your new teaching job! Your outreach sounds great. Great sales and breakfast get-togethers are fun.

Deb said...

Sounds like a good week despite all that snow! I loved reading your story about God's hand in your new job! Lovely. That Grace in Action project you have planned for those children sounds so nice. So glad you are helping out. Hope things warm up a bit for you. We were 96 here today and that is simply too hot, too soon.
Have a good weekend.

Paula said...

We had a little bit of snow and some high winds. At least you were able to get some things done around the house on your days off. I, too, am ready for spring. We've had a mild winter, but it's not any fun to have single digit temps in March. Congratulations again on your new position! Enjoy your weekend. :)

Gattina said...

That's awful that it had snowed again and then in such a force ! It's nice that you took the job as a Special Education Assistant teacher ! It's good to have a nice job you like ! I too like Belgian wafels with strawberry jam and whipped cream !

nikkipolani said...

Wow. That is a ton of snow! To think your favorite walks are now eye-brow deep in it... Hard to imagine when we're well into spring. When the plumber scheduled us for the work in our attic in mid-April, he said it'd be summer weather and hot up there. Summer!

Congrats on your new role! You sound pleased -- will have to read more about how God guided you.

Willow said...

Ack! I missed the LLBean sale :( We did just by two flannel shirts, but there was no sale on them...
I know you had so much snow. Is it melted yet? My DC area daughter didn't get as much as they expected--you got it all!
You asked about PAL--those are the initials of her name, so I used that to identify her online.
Congrats on your new job!