"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

24 March 2017

Long Week Faves

This has been a long week.

So much going on between work, family life, extended family issues, church......whew...I'm so ready for the weekend.

For now......

Let's grab a nice hot cup of coffee and reflect back on the week finding FIVE of our FAVES that God brought into our lives.  Then, link up with Susanne, our gracious hostess.

  • MOVIE NIGHT:  Dave and I watched the movie pictured below and just loved it.  It was Saturday evening, and we were both tired from the errands and chores of the day.  Both of our daughters were out so we curled up together to watch this amazing bit of WWII history about a woman who recovered her family's stolen art work. This was based on actual accounts!  Now I want to get down to NYC and see the painting! I'm thankful for relaxing evenings after a long day of chores.

  •  BIBLE STUDY CLASS WRAP-UP:  The class I took at church this winter wrapped up the final session on Wednesday evening.  We had been studying the book pictured below and let me tell you, it was fantastic!  I will be doing a book review of this study sometime later this weekend.  What a great group of ladies I came to know....everyone was new to me except for two of the women....it was such a refreshing 8 weeks.  I am now taking a break from church classes to help out with a service project team and to get geared up to begin my own small group again come September. I'm thankful for my church and all the classes and groups it offers.

  • FRENCH VANILLA COFFEE:  I am so picky about french vanilla coffees.  I used to love DD's and when I ask for it at the $tarbucks, it's always way too sweet.  I discovered Green Mountain brand a few years ago but got away from it.....well...I discovered a small bag of it in our freeze this past week and had totally forgotten it was there....I pulled it out and have been enjoying a steaming mug of it right after dinner a couple of nights, and it's just so good!  It doesn't need sugar and I only use a pinch of fat free milk in it.  Vanilla must be relaxing because it totally helps me unwind from these busy days.  I'm thankful for good coffee!

  • BROWSING BOOKS: Last weekend, while Dave and I were out running errands, we stopped at the town library (summer photo below, a side view) and spent about 20 minutes browsing the shelves.  I went right to the "new books" shelf and found 3 I've been wanting to read.  I also found a very interesting hiking history book (see side bar) that I'm finding to be just fascinating.  I'm so thankful for our town's library and for good books!!
images courtesy of Out and About Albany County

  • SMOOTH START:  so my new assistant teacher position began on Monday and it's been a smooth start.  Of course, something that has helped is that I've been part of the team since mid-December and my role teaching one specific boy hasn't changed....he needs a 1:1 teacher and we have finally figured out a good plan for him.  I'll be focusing on teaching him specific social and emotional literacy/behaviors as well as teaching appropriate play skills.  The goal is to get him back into the larger classroom during circle times and group times with peers but for now he is starting to make progress with just one adult.  He is learning some self-regulating behaviors that I am teaching him via puppets and so far so good!  I'm thankful for my new teaching position and for the team I work with as well as for the smooth start!

That wraps up my week.

I hope you enjoy a very restful weekend!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

That sounds like an interesting movie. I have Starbucks coffee that I make at home. There is a Dunks in my building and it's so easy to stop there before I head into my center but I don't really love the coffee. When the weather warms up a bit I'll stop at the Starbucks down the way and walk to work after.

Susanne said...

Hubby and I loved that movie too. Hmmm, maybe we'll rewatch it this weekend. That's the second time in a couple of days that I've seen that quote about learning. Glad that you've got a job you're really liking. I love the library and can totally lose track of time browsing shelves.

Barbara H. said...

I had not heard of that movie - sounds interesting! I love our library, though I don't go there often as I have so many books stacked up to read at home. Glad your new job has gotten off to a good start and your student is making progress.

Gattina said...

Movie evenings are cozy ! I have no idea what French Vanilla coffee is, I don't think it exists in France,lol ! The coffee there is very strong and served in little espresso cups. That's what you get when you order a coffee. To get a normal cup you have to ask for a "long coffee" lol !

Wendy said...

Glad to hear your new position is going well. It must be great when you can see your pupil making progress. I've never been a coffee drinker but now there are so many varieties out there maybe I should give it another go! lol. A movie night sounds ideal at the end of a long day and I love my library too!

Willow said...

I love libraries, too! We have a city library but also have access to the county libraries. In fact, I have a book checked out from the county library right now because I couldn't find it at the city library.
Great news that your new position is going well and the transition has been smooth--love that quote at the end!

Karen said...

Thanks for reminding me about Woman in Gold. I wanted to see it, but it came and went so fast, I forgot all about. Good libraries are a blessing indeed. Ours is my favorite hangout. And coffee is always a favorite in my book.