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21 April 2017

Spring Break Faves

I've been on Spring Break since Good Friday and it's been a wonderfully relaxing week....for the most part....I did do a LOT of spring cleaning, my physical and blood work has been completed for another year, and we had a surprise mini-flood in the basement on Wednesday....but I'm thankful just 1/4 of the basement got wet and the plumber was able to get to my house within a half hour of me calling him, and the problem was a quick (but pricey!!) fix.  I can now breathe a bit and totally relax the rest of the weekend.....

I'm taking time to share FIVE of my FAVE blessings that God brought to me in the last week and linking up with our host Susanne.  What makes your list this week??

Claire will be a "wildcat" for 4 years!
  • FINAL DECISION!  Claire made her final decision for college on Good Friday.  BC had wait- listed her so she decided to accept UNH's offer of the Honors Program in their College of Liberal Arts (COLA) and their offer of honors housing.  She was also offered the Presidential Scholarship and while we were at accepted students day on Friday, she met some wonderful professors and students who spoke with her about the honors program. UNH is a medium sized university with about 12,000 undergraduates. We even discovered that she could minor in ballet if she so desires and the head of the theatre and dance department talked with her about joining his class and encouraged her to audition in the fall for a spring dance show!  She has decided (unless she changes her mind!) on double majoring in Russian/Sociology with a possible minor in International Affairs or Ballet.  We are so happy with her decision and so thankful for the day at UNH we all enjoyed. 

Claire and daddy in front of her soon-to-be dorm!

the grounds between her dorm and the main dining hall

Beautiful University of New Hampshire/Durham
14 April 2017
Easter Sunday:  Dave and I

  •  EASTER SUNDAY!  I loved Easter this year even though just one week previous we laid my dad to rest.....I guess it is because we know for certain, since he was a Christ-follower, that he is in heaven and that morning singing praise WITH Jesus and our mother.  But seriously, our church had an amazing Easter service and then the four of us came home to relax.  I cooked a ham dinner which is something we rarely eat and our vegan daughter just had all the veggies and fruits. In the afternoon, we all just read books, relaxed on the deck and watched a movie together.  It was a wonderful day for which I am very thankful.
Courtney, myself, and Claire
Easter Sunday 2017
  • SPRING!  Spring has really sprung here in the Capital Region of NYS.  On Saturday, while our oldest daughter was at work, the rest of us got the deck furniture washed and set up and Dave put up the backyard swing.  Claire and I especially like sitting out there in the late afternoons to read.  The photo below is late morning.  We have had some beautiful, warm weather and the flowers are popping up as well.  In fact, I have tulips that are just about to open!  I love spring, especially once the temps begin to warm up.  I'm thankful we've been able to sleep with windows open.

My afternoon reading spot

  • HELP!  My teenager, Claire, really stepped it up with the help on the afternoon we had a small flood in the basement.  Water was gushing from a pipe (due to a clog) and let's just say it was NOT pretty.  I grabbed all the old beach towels I could find...thank God I'm insanely organized and so they were right in the bin in the closet down there where thankfully the water didn't reach.  I started sopping up water while she moved the chairs, bins, wifi fit step, crates, etc out of the way.  We had to move 3 area rugs and then I had to call the plumber.  There was such a mess!  All got done and everything worked out fine but we were both exhausted....I'm just so thankful she was home to help!
Claire on the gazebo enjoying her iced coffee


  • NEW PARK!  Ok so this town park has been around since the 1970s at least because a friend of mine who grew up in the area used to go there with her mom when she was a young girl.  But for me, this is a new discovery!!  It's right off the main drag through our town and I've lived in the area since 1990 and NEVER knew about this until my youngest daughter told me.  She took me there the other day after our dental appts and I was so surprised this is right in town (although across town from our house).  There are walking trails, picnic tables, a gazebo and the little pond.  It's located near a residential section and the college in town.  I was just so surprised I've never discovered this little gem!  I'm thankful Claire and her friends  discovered it and that she showed me. I plan on walking there this weekend.

sign upon leaving the town of Arietta in the southern Adirondacks

  • ROAD TRIP:  Yesterday, I drove out to central NY to visit my sister Hope and her husband Donny.  I wanted to look through Dad's things one more time and select some items.  We had lunch at her place and then she and I got in the car and I drove to the south-western part of the Adirondacks (she lives in the foothills) about a half hour away so we could get more signatures for this challenge. Well, we did not see one human being in this town but we saw this sign and thought it was a hoot!  We did manage to get a signature/seal from the town of Morehouse at the post office which is the smallest post office in the entire state of New York.  I'm thankful for this fun day!
smallest post office in the state of New York
Town hall is  the front of the building and the post office is a small space in the back.
That wraps up my week.....

enjoy the weekend!


Paula said...

Looks like you had a full, fun week of Spring Break. Congratulations to Miss Claire on selecting a college. My brain hurts just thinking about her double major! I am glad that you were able to catch the flooding issue in the basement before it did irreparable damage. Enjoy your weekend!

Barbara H. said...

A fun but busy spring break! I'm so sorry about the basement flooding! But glad Claire was there and helpful and the plumber came right away. How exciting to have the college decisions made and to make definite plans now! The new park looks so neat, and your trip fun. Glad you had a lovely Easter.

Susanne said...

Congratulations to Claire. Another exciting milestone. Your week was busy, glad you had a restful and relaxing Easter Sunday. Basement flooding and plumbers. Yuck. We had a wonderful plumbing bill a couple of weeks ago too. Thank God it didn't flood past the utility room in the basement. What a little hidden gem of a park you found. I love discovering those kinds of things within my community.

Kari said...

what a busy and fun week you had.
floods in the house are never fun, I've had my share and they're never fun.

sorry to read about your father. My condolences. As Christians there is always that peace that we will meet up again.

Congratulations on your daughters decision. I'm learning Russian and it's interesting and I'm really enjoying it.

to answer your questions - we're not missionaries, but always ambassadors of our faith. my husbands work has us in Kazakhstan at this time.

Deb said...

Congrats to your daughter (and to you - good job mom and dad!) That college looks like a wonderful place for her to go. You had a week filled with blessings big and small. I always enjoy seeing what is going on with you and your family both on your blog and on FB. Have a great Saturday!

Gattina said...

Fortunately the water could be stopped quite quickly ! Yes, plumbers are a luxury ! Here too. Nice that your daughter knows what she wants that's very important. Like the picture of both of you !

Wendy said...

Sounds like a busy week but glad to hear your daughter has got her college place finalised and that you were able to get the leak sorted out quickly.

nikkipolani said...

Ah, Faith, good to catch up with some of the goings on at your place! I sympathize with the prompt (but expensive) plumbing help. I've been there a bit too often of late. But it's good to have help -- especially your daughter and your organizational skills!

Congrats to your Claire on her decision for school and majors. Sounds like she's ready to jump in with both feet.

Y'all look terrific for your Easter photo :-), enjoying the warmer weather (we're warming up, too, but much too much at 94F).