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12 May 2017

Spring is in the Air Faves


I'm actually writing up my FFF on Thursday evening because tomorrow morning I need to get to work early and then after work, I plan on going home, changing, and going bike riding.  So, reflecting back on the week so far I'm realizing I love that spring is in the air!  Here are FIVE of my FAVES that I'm sharing and linking up with Susanne's site.

  • HIKING!  Even though Sunday was mostly a rainy cloudy day (it had begun sunny!), I checked the weather for a hiking area a friend of mine wanted to go to and  the weather app said cloudy and dry so we went!  Here are some pics of our very short hike....it took longer to drive there (an hour and a half north-west) than it did to hike the 1.8 mile trail). The state created a new trail to these waterfalls about a year ago and although I've hiked over 10 times on that trail, I much preferred the new longer one.  It's a bit more interesting and we get to rock hop across the brook.  I'm thankful I got to squeeze in a hike.
The trail to Tenant Creek Falls
Southern ADKS

Tenant Creek Falls
town of Hope Falls, Southern Adirondacks
May 2017

  • COFFEE DATE:  I got to squeeze in a coffee date with my good friend from church last weekend...I'm so glad we finally could get together to catch up on each other's lives.  We have known each other for many years...as in more than 25 but we became close  friends about 4 years ago when she joined my small group.  I really love her quiet wisdom and I'm thankful for her spontaneity in just in hopping in my car for a coffee date or a quick walk on one of our many bike paths in our town.  

  • LAWN CARE!  I'm super thankful that my husband took care of the lawn between rain storms this past week.  I love how the bright green grass looks in the spring and with all the tulips and other spring flowers coming up, it just makes our home so pretty and well tended.  My husband works hard (mentally)  all day and for him to come home to do yard-work is a huge bonus.

  • SUNSHINE!  Thursday was finally a day of much warmer temps (74) and sunshine all day long!  At work, we were able to take the children outside for one hour....how wonderful it is when preschoolers can play outdoors.  And once my oldest gal Courtney was done with work earlier in the afternoon, she picked up my youngest from school and they finally were able to complete her senior pics in a small  park on the other side of town. I had hired Courtney to do Claire's pics since it would actually save me money and put her photography skills to good use.  I can't wait to see how they come out.  Graduation from high school is June 24th so we are winding down the school year!  Such a busy time is the end of the senior year!  I'm thankful this is one more task checked off the very long to do list.

  • SIGNS OF SPRING!  I love that yesterday was so nice out and after work I was able to change my clothes and just sit in the backyard swing for about 20 minutes of glorious rest in the sun.  I think I fell asleep for a few minutes too!  I had bought the little wooden bird-house at one of the "dollar stores" where I buy our paper products for the house and I ended up putting it in the pear tree which is getting tall!   This was my mother's day gift about 4 years ago.  In a few weeks, the tree will be full of white flowers.  I love all the signs of spring I see around my yard and I'm thankful my lilac bush survived the hard winter and the rainy storms we've had.
my pear tree and new bird house

my lilac bush!

that wraps up my week....how was yours? what blessings can you find among the spring busyness? Please do share in the comment section!

Happy Weekend!!


Barbara H. said...

We have had some lovely spring weather and temperatures this week, too. I'm soaking it up before it gets too hot in the summer. Love this time of year, with all the flowers blooming, too. Glad you got a hike and a coffee date in this week! Nice to have the senior photos done, and wonderful that your daughter could do them! Those are always so fun to look back on over the years.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Hello from Idaho and found your blog though Gatina. I love having coffee with my friends. There a new place I want to try they serve crepes and coffee.
If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee.

Gattina said...

Seems as if you have the same weather as we have ! Fortunately for our lawn I have bought a robot 3 years ago, that's great, it mows your lawn while you watch TV (for example, lol)

Susanne said...

I love spring too! That hike looks lovely and how nice that you were able to get a bike ride in too. Love the bird house in the tree.

Susanne said...

Oh and happy Mother's Day!

Willow said...

I love that you have so many places to hike near you. My fave is to hike in the woods and near streams but of course those are in short supply where I live.
I'm glad you have had some sunshiny days lately. We all love spring!