"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

02 June 2017


Well, June has begun and in a couple of weeks, the Summer Season will be upon us!

But let's savor what's left of Spring and look back on the week to find FIVE of our FAVES that God brought into our lives.

I'm participating by linking up at Susanne's site.

Food and Fellowship May 27

Dave on Lake Abanakee!
my sister Hope in her blue kayak

me and my brother-in-law Donny
on Lake Abanakee

  •  KAYAKING PARTY!  Last Saturday, even though it was partly cloudy, it stayed dry so we headed up north to a lake in the central Adirondacks called Lake Abanakee.  Dave and I met my sister Hope and her husband Donny there, along with our good friend Gerri. The five of use were the only people on the beach! What fun we had!  We  explored the entire lake which is about 4 miles long so we did about 8 miles that day!  After a couple of hours on the lake, we sat at the picnic tables on the town beach and played this card game and ate a picnic lunch. I made my famous chocolate orange brownies to share and Hope made her sour cream chip cookies.  I'm thankful for times of fun and fellowship with other Believers and when  some of them are family, that is extra special.

beginning of trail up Meade/Beckman Mountains

    on summit of Meade Mountain
    with Gore Mt in the background
    Eastern Adirondacks
    28 May

    Gerri on the trail in Chester Creek Preserve

    a resting spot on the trail along Chester Creek overlooking the bog

    • CHESTER CHALLENGE COMPLETE! On Sunday my friend Gerri and I hiked to the north east of us in the Eastern Adirondacks.  I finished up the Chester Challenge and she started it.  We did 3 trails and 2 of them were short, steep mountains.  It was wonderful!  I'm thankful for hiking friends and good weather!!

    Claire's Gold Medal Awards!
    • GOLD MEDALS!  Claire came home from school on Friday with the news that she had placed at the Gold level on the National Russian Essay contest.  The essays were submitted this past October and her teacher just found out the news this past week.  Claire and her good friend Suzanna were the only 2 seniors to get Gold! The judges then sent the essays on to Russia where judges there also awarded them a Gold!!  She was super thrilled and we are super proud. She also received a Gold for the NYS Russian Oral Competition. I'm thankful our high school has 5 different foreign languages to offer the students.  Claire has been able to study Russian for 6 years, French for 2 and Latin for one.  

    • DORM SHOPPING! Memorial Day was a steady rain all day long so was kind of a downer after the previous 2 days of good weather.  So Claire and I decided to knock off some items from the "dorm shopping" list.  We found the towels in the color scheme she wanted, along with some other needed items.  The good news is that we got the discount with my Target Red Card and Cartwheel, and I have a coupon for another store that we will use when we go to  buy her sheets.  I'm thankful we got this list pared down!

    • MOM-DAUGHTER DATE NIGHT:  My oldest daughter and I had a "date night" scheduled for last Friday night and instead of spending money going out, we stayed inside to watch the 6th Harry Potter movie as I had just finished the book. Highly disappointed in the movie (she reports that the rest of the world was too) because it was NOT like the book much at all. The book was my fave in the series so far but the movie not so much.  However, the time spent talking and sitting together made this mama's heart happy.
    That wraps up my week.

    I hope you have a wonderful start to the weekend doing the things you enjoy.

    The Scripture I'm meditating on all week:


    Susanne said...

    Glad you got the two days to have fun doing one of your passions. Its so nice to have siblings that are also friends and share in interests. That card game sounds like quite the thing.

    Congrats again to Claire...that is quite the accomplishment.

    I love "date nights" with my kids. Bummer the movie was a disappointment.

    Barbara H. said...

    The kayaking party looks so fun! Glad for your hiking challenge, and congratulations to Claire on her gold medals! The dorm shopping sounds fun as does the movie night, even with a not great film.

    Willow said...

    Just imagining a date night with my living-so-very-far-away kids makes me happy. I've read some of the Harry Potter books--I really should finish them!
    You are so lucky to have great hiking buddies! As you will see, I wrote about a couple of walks/hikes my hubby and I did.
    Have a great weekend!

    Gattina said...

    Looks like a beautiful place ! You are lucky to have 2 girls ! I have a son, but of course no shopping together and no mom-date night ! We had that in the past when he was in his 20th and had no girlfriend. Now he is 43 and has a wife and a 6 year old son !