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14 July 2017

July Faves

Well, I've survived the first week of teaching summer school...first time since 1994...and it was a pretty good week.  We are supposed to have all 10 children this summer, but two have been out all week, making for an easy day.  We have also seen some good progress with a couple of the 4 year olds so that is positive!

Let's take a pause from our summer activities to give thanks for the blessings that God brought into our lives this week.  We do this by linking up with Susanne at the FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.

  • GOOD REPORT!  Friday evening while eating dinner and having a vodka cocktail, my chest started to "feel funny".  Because my husband and mother (who died from a sudden heart attack) both have had heart issues, my sense was to get to the ER even though I didn't really think it was heart related.  Apparently it wasn't, as all the tests and bloods came back normal and the chest pain abated after a couple hours.  The ER doc who was a very patient woman said it most likely was the alcohol irritating the esophagus.  Because I have NEVER had heartburn or acid reflux issues, she wanted me to do a follow up with my primary doc which I did on Tuesday and all went well.  My doc, also a woman, wants me to have a complete cardiac work-up which I will do later this month just to make sure.  Because I had lyme disease which brought on arthritis I have chest achiness often relating to my back/arthritis so it is sometimes difficult to tell if it is something super serious.  Hopefully the cardiac visit will shed a little more light! The blessing is that it was NOT a heart attack and I was in and out within 2 1/2 hours.

11 July 2017
  • BIRTHDAY!  Our oldest gal turned 24 on Tuesday and she was so happy to receive the gift I had picked out for her....she has wanted a panini press for the longest time and I finally saw one on sale at Target.  She had fun going out that evening with several friends who also have July birthdays.  I thank God for my oldest girl and for the person she is becoming.  

  • BERRIES!  We have been blessed with a couple of good farm stands near our suburban home as well as two excellent grocery stores that carry good berries.  This week we have enjoyed strawberries and blueberries and over the weekend I plan on picking up some blackberries.  I especially enjoy blueberries on my steel cut oats in the morning.

Lake George
Eastern Adirondack Mountains
9 July 2017

Claire on the beach at Shepherd's Park
Lake George Village, NY

  • BEACH TIME!  Last Sunday afternoon, my youngest daughter (Claire) and I, along with our neighbor Melissa, enjoyed a super spontaneous beach trip to this lake.  It was our first time this summer and we managed to find a parking spot about a block away.  The beach we went to is the public village beach so the only fee is to put money in the street meters.  We usually avoid the village in the summer months due to all the tourists but since it is only a 45 minute drive north for us,  we decided to go there rather than one of the state parks.  Relaxing for 3 hours on the beach was just what we needed.  Claire was the only one who swam as the lake is DEEP and COLD.  But Melissa and I did stick our feet in and it was very refreshing.  We are planning another trip to a less crowded beach later in the month.

  • SUMMER JOB!  Claire, our 18 year old, accepted a summer position with the City  Mission's Summer Program for Inner City Children ages 5-12.  She is in charge of the Arts and Crafts ministry and each week there is a different Biblical theme.  She loves it!  She leaves the house with Dave in the morning around 7 a.m. to drive him to work, then continues on to her job.  From 3-4:30, she heads to Starbucks or one of the city library branches to work on the next day's plans or to read.  She loves that her paycheck will be deposited directly into her checking account she set up out in NH for when she is in college.  For the last 3 summers she volunteered there in the same program so she is extra happy that now she is getting paid for it with a bit of leadership responsibility as well. 
That wraps up the week.

Some weekend plans include a deep woods hike to a very remote lake in the southeastern Adirondacks, perhaps a kayaking trip, and a bonfire with family.

Whatever you have planned, enjoy and embrace every moment!!


Wendy said...

Sounds like you have a busy summer. Well done to Claire for getting the paid job. Enjoy your weekend.

Susan said...

Oh, wow - so glad you did not have a heart attack and, that so far, all seems fine. You are in my prayers.

Berries - yummmm. I love them in my salads, too. Because of diabetes, berries are some of the few fruits I indulge in.

How fun to have a spontaneous trip to the lake with a daughter and friend.

I hope your hike pans out this weekend, and that school stays calmish this week.

And as soon as my daughter-in-law sends the watermelon cake recipe, I will share it with you.

Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad you didn't have a heart attack and hope the tests can shed more light on what's going on. Belated happy birthday to Courtney! Those berries look so good. The day on the beach sounds wonderful. I'm glad Claire has a summer job she loves that she's getting pay for as well as good experience.

Karen said...

How scary for you, and I'm glad that everything worked out so well. I have to say, I'm impressed with the staff that you were in and out of there so quickly. What great work on their part, and a relief to you, too.

Your day at the beach sounds heavenly!