"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

11 August 2017

mid-summer faves

So here we are at Friday again!  This week flew right by me.  And yeah, because one week from today we say "good bye and  good luck" to the 5 year olds in our classroom who will be leaving our wonderful preschool and heading to their various special ed classrooms in their public school districts.  And then I will have a glorious 2 week vacation!

Let's pause on this summer day...we have a little more than a month left of this wonderful season, and give thanks for FIVE of our FAVE blessings.  


growing out by our bird feeder.......
from dropped bird seed.....
love that they brighten up the back corner by the shed and kayak rack

Fresh lemons for water....
....a natural detox and flavoring

hiking with old and new friends..........
in the Central Adirondacks...
 up Moxham Mountain

 for a total of 5.2 miles
mountains, small wilderness lakes,

 sun, clouds, rock cliffs
oh the wonder of it all!

Sitting on my deck.........
on a cool, summer evening..........
star gazing...........

2nd favorite month of the year

Annual Family Picnic
in Central NY
l-r: the host, my sister Hope, Mike (my sister Jill's husband)
their oldest daughter Emma, age 14 and my youngest sister Jill
much laughter revolving around the food and fellowship 
and fun with Apples to Apples game

L-r: my sister Joy (her oldest son and my oldest daughter had to work)
my husband Dave, and my sister Hope
 (her husband Donny was dealing with the grill)

we all loved sitting on the screened in porch!

beautiful sunny skies with cooler temps and no humidity!

That wraps up my week.

What were the special moments you discovered?

Please share and link up at Susanne's site.

Have a great weekend!!


Deb said...

Hi Faith. Looks like a good week. Have a great vacation. I go back to school today - more teacher meetings/training and then the kids come back August 21. So glad you were able to get together with your family and do some hiking this past week. Enjoy the weekend. Rest and relax!

Susan said...

Good morning, Faith. I am finally finishing up my visits to last week's FFF writers.

I LOVE your sunflower photo as they amaze me. I think you are fortunate to have them as volunteer plants in your own backyard. There are some sunflower fields nearby and I NEED to go visit them before all are harvested.

Yep - fresh lemons for water is a blessing indeed. Unfortunately I tend to go in spurts using them. Now that I've seen this on your list, maybe it will spur me on.

Screened in porch, beautiful sunny skies with cooler temps and no humidity combined with a BBQ and family = one of the best blessings ever.

Sounds like it was a GREAT week.

Barbara H. said...

We've had sunflowers sprout around bird feeders before, but not in a while. They're such cheery plants. I love Apples to Apples - one of my favorite group games (another is Telestrations - we laugh so hard). Glad you got some hiking and star-gazing and family fun times in this week.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love to see sunflowers sprouting by the bird feeders! We used to get beautiful goldfinches in the sunflowers. Family picnics are the best. It's always so fun to get together with everyone.

Wendy said...

I love family get togethers. Your sunflowers are so bright and cheerful. Hope you have a good vacation.

Purple Grandma said...

Sunflowers are so cheerful! We had a garden bed full of them a couple of years ago also from seeds dropped from a bird feeder.

I love getting away to the mountains, too. Though I can't do any hiking at this point, I love to drive around and take pictures while enjoying the quiet and the beauty. Glad you got to go!

Have a great week!

Schotzy said...

Your mid summer FFF looks like you've had a great week...I love sunflowers so much this time of year.... and lemonade as well... I was thrilled when Hubs bought me a lemon squeezer that makes homemade lemonade so much easier.. Think I'll get a tall grass right now!! Have a great week!!!

Susanne said...

Sunflowers are such a cheery type of flower. Our neighbor has them and they get tons of birds once the seeds come out on the plants. The family reunion looks fun, Apples to Apples is a favorite when our family is together. We've been drinking lots of infused waters. Lemon is a favorite of mine too though I think lime is edging it out. 2 weeks vacation to look forward to...I'm a bit jeaoulous, my vacation time is now done. Only the September long weekend left. Enjoy the anticipation!

Willow said...

What fun to be able to be together with all your family! It's obvious you all were having a great time.
Ohh, love that hike!
And the sunflowers--so sweet!

Willow said...

The vegan recipe--I'll share it on the blog this week. I have another one I'll send you which was a huge hit last month.