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24 November 2017

Thanksgiving Faves

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow USA blogging friends. I'm actually writing on Friday morning sitting on my in-laws' couch in Plymouth County where it all began that November day when the Pilgrims and Native Americans sat together to give thanks to God for what they had been through. 

Times have changed a bit and so many Americans celebrate in so many different ways.  Today I want to share a few of the things that blessed me this past week.  There is a group of us who participate in the FFF started and hosted by Susanne each week of the year.  Join in by clicking here to learn more!


  • RAFFLE!  Dave and I attended a fund-raiser pasta dinner last Friday evening at our church to help raise money for the high school teens who are going on the next missions trip to Haiti.  Since our long time friends have a daughter who is going, we decided to enter the raffle and tyr to win a basket of goodies.  There were all kinds of goodies.  I put most of my tickets into the Gourmet Coffee basket.  There were so many awesome baskets:  we put tickets in coffee, bath and body works, a Christmas Cooking basket, an Outdoors/Hiking basket, wine baskets and a kitchen gadgets basket.  We actually won a wine basket!!  And the cool thing is that it was put together by the parents of the girl we are helping to sponsor!! They also sat with us at dinner.  We have been friends for over 30 years as they first met us when we were in a different church together!  And then shortly after we joined Grace Fellowship What fun we had!  I'm thankful our youth pastor had this idea because all of the money raised will go directly to the cost of  the trip.  

  • FIRST SNOW!  Last weekend we woke up to the first dusting of snow!!  It wasn't much but it was so pretty. Now we are once again in a bit of a mild weather pattern here on the East Coast which I am ok with!  But I'm thankful I get to experience all 4 seasons throughout the year.  I love certain things about spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Right now I am most thankful that it is a sunny clear day in southern MA because that means I can go for a nice long walk on the trails in the town park.  I'm looking forward to that later today.
the pond at Crossings Town Park
  • AFTERNOON PAUSE:  All last weekend I was busy doing laundry, packing and baking for this Thanksgiving trip.  Monday was a busy day at work as was Tuesday.  When I left work at 3 on Tuesday, I decided to put a Sabbath margin into my day so I went to $tarbucks to get a cinnamon dulce hot coffee and drove to the town park to take a quick brisk walk.  I stopped by the pond to just pause.  It was getting dark and cold but I just loved it.  I had an errands to run and then wanted to get home to spend some time with Courtney before we finished up the packing for the drive the next day.  I'm thankful for these pauses I can take....it helps to re-charge my body, mind, and spirit.

  • GIRLS NIGHT!  Tuesday evening Courtney and I decided to just have popcorn and sandwiches for dinner (Dave was already in MA at his parents getting ready to pick up Claire from the Boston T station which she traveled to from UNH train station) and watch the live action Beauty and the Beast movie (one of our fave "princess" stories).  I hadn't seen it yet and Emma Watson is one of our very favorite young actresses. She was excellent in this movie.  It was fun to just pause, enjoy a movie and dinner on the couch, and then we finished up the packing.  We both had to work Wednesday but thankfully we both were able to  get out early and get on the road to MA!!

Thanksgiving Table
Fellowship Hall
First Church
West Bridgewater, MA

Me and my girls!
Courtney and Claire

  • THANKSGIVING!  We are thankful Dave's parents are still doing pretty well. They are still living in their own home in Dave's hometown, and although they are in their early 80s, they are still fairly independent.  The whole clan, if not working, still gets together for the traditional Thanksgiving feast.  This year was Dave's turn to cook so of course being from NYS, we have to host it at their church because their home isn't big enough for everyone to sit.  We had fun....almost everyone was there except for my oldest nephew and a niece who is living in Scotland.  We did end up seeing the nephew later last night when he popped in with his girlfriend for desserts.  We ended the evening with a game of Carcassone and had so much fun!! I also am thankful that my nieces and daughters helped set up the appetizers and helped with dishes after the feast.  God is good!!
the girl cousins minus one!
Beth (age 27), Courtney (age 24), Claire (age 18), Debi (age 16)

That wraps up my week!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Barbara H. said...

What a neat fundraiser! I like having four distinct seasons, too, though I have to admit I'm not fond of winter. I loved this movie of Beauty and the Beast! So glad you got to spend Thanksgiving with family, especially your girls!

Ann said...

Congratulations on winning something!! That is a nice fundraising idea.

Susanne said...

I love living where there are 4 distinct seasons too. And I love pausing and grabbing that starbucks and going for a walk to the lake too. So relaxing. Your thanksgiving family event sounds wonderful. So nice that Dave's parents are doing well and still independent and able to attend family gatherings. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Kathie said...

Congrats on winning the basket -what a nice treat! And all for a good cause!

So nice that all your family gets together for Thanksgiving. We have our large family reunions in the summer - it makes it easier when we can be outside as well as inside. We're quite a large crew!

Roger's parents are still living as well - his mom is 88 and his dad 84 - and he still works every day! And I heard she was setting bread this week! They're pretty amazing!

Hope you're rested up from your full weekend - and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!