"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

16 February 2018

NEW Faves

This week was busy but there were so many little blessings that it was hard to choose just 5.  The good news is that Dave and the 16 other church volunteers going to Guatemala last weekend, made it there safely. They return very late tomorrow night! So, thank you to those of you who said you would pray for my husband and the Missions Team.

Let's take a moment to share FIVE of our FAVES from the past week and link up at Susanne's site to join in on and read other FFF posts.

  • NEW WALL ART:  This past week, a new wall hanging I ordered about 2 weeks ago was finally shipped to me.  It hangs where a summery photo usually hangs in my living room but this Christmas I had swapped out the summer still life for a quote about His Presence.  Well, once February arrived I knew I wanted something to get me through the winter and into spring that didn't reek of Christmas!  This wall art was the perfect thing!  I'm thankful it arrived before Valentine's Day.  I love it because cardinals are my absolute fave birds!

  • NEW DIFFUSER:  I have never owned a diffuser and since I'm getting into essential oils and one of my sisters really likes hers, (as do several of my friends and co-workers) I began to look for coupons for them.  CVS had them on sale last weekend and I had a $5.00 off coupon plus I had some "extra bucks" to apply towards it!  I LOVE it.  It has rotating colors when on or you can choose by just a touch of the button, to not have any colored lights.  I use oil of lemon in it and it makes the house smell so fresh and clean!  It is supposed to be good for breathing in dry forced hot air too so is perfect for the winter months when all the windows are closed.  I also bought one called Calm (for sleeping) but the smell just gave me a horrible headache.  It's the lavender and patchouli  in it which I should have known as I have had issues with those scents in the past. So for now, I will stick with the lemon.  I'm thankful it was on sale!

  • VALENTINE'S CARD:  Well, since Dave is away on the missions trip and this was our firstValentine's Day in 28 years that we haven't spent it together (married for 27, friends for 28), I tucked a special card into his suitcase with the message "Do not open until 14 February".  Guess what?!  He did the same thing for me!  He tucked in behind my daytimer on my desk with just a little corner peeking out.  I loved the message he wrote inside about being a wife who supports him on missions and that just warmed my heart, knowing that we had the same thoughts!  I'm thankful he got to go and serve in Guatemala and I'm thankful it's just once a year! 

looking from the deck of the art house on to the Mohawk River/Erie Canal
14 February

a little snow family along the bike path

The Mohawk River from Bike Trail
  • EASY HIKE!  Oh my goodness.  When I left work at 3 pm on Wednesday, the temp was 51.  Guess who dashed home to grab trail sneakers, a snack and re fill my water bottle to hit the trails along the river in town??  This girl!  My first time "hiking" (more of a walk) since November.  My heart was full, my body was refreshed and my soul just soared.  Several people were walking, running or doing what I was doing and "hiking" off trail to tramp in the quickly melting snow and snap some photos of the changes that late winter brings.  The little snow family was adorable and I'm assuming some young preschooler went there with his/her mama earlier in the day.  I'm thankful I live so close to good trails that don't require driving north or east to the mountains so that I can get in a bit of nature and fitness after work!
  • SCRABBLE!  Wednesday evening, since my oldest daughter isn't dating anyone right now, left she and I alone in the house to watch some figure skating (by the way...the opening ceremony in Korea was phenomenal was it not??!) and play a board game.  We chose Scrabble because it had been several years since we'd played it together and most of our other games requires more than 2 people.  What fun we had just relaxing in the family room after dinner.  I'm thankful she is still willing to hang out with her mama!

And now....as of 2 pm today, I am on WINTER BREAK until February 26th when we return to the classroom!  The preschoolers need a break as well as us teachers!

Have a restful weekend!!

Happy Lent to those of you who are Catholic!


Wendy said...

I'm glad hubby arrived safely and hope he has a smooth journey home again. Some good things there in your week. Yes the opening ceremony of the Olympics was fantastic. Enjoy your weekend and reunion.

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad to hear Dave arrived safely and will be home soon! And what sweet ways to share your love with the Valentines you hid for each other. I'm glad you got a good hike in as well. Loved the little snow family. Most artificial scents affect me badly, but I know a lot of people that love their essential oils. I love Scrabble but haven't played in a long time. Have fun on your break!

Willow said...

TEN days off! Yay for you! I hope you have plenty of great weather and warm enough temperatures to allow you to get out and walk and hike this next week.

I love playing Scrabble. Our grandson likes SuperScrabble and we play that with him when we are visiting.

Love your photos of the walk you were able to get in on Wednesday!

Karen said...

Love Scrabble! The new wall art is sooo pretty. And leaving secret Valentines is so romantic, don't you think? <3

betty-NZ said...

The tiny snow family is just fabulous!

Susanne said...

Love the wall art! Glad your hubby made it safe and sound and very sweet that you guys were both on the same page so to speak with your valentines. So nice to get outside when one has been cooped up. We had yet another snow fall warning and another huge dump of snow but it does get us out shoveling which I don't mind as long as it's not the wet heavy spring snow. I really enjoyed the opening ceremony this time around.