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18 May 2018

Another Busy Week Faves

It was another crazy, busy week and I must confess that I am SO thankful it's over and that the weekend is upon us.  After I get out of work today at 2 pm, I have a quick errand to run and then I am plopping my body in a chair with a good book and a nice chilled glass of wine.  I'm not doing a thing for a couple hours!

It's been busy but it's always good to stop and reflect back on any blessings the Lord brought into the week.  Here are my FIVE FAVES and I'm linking up with other people who share theirs, via Susanne's site.

Bye Bye Hubbard

our late lunch/early dinner on the road
totally vegan!
  • HOME! Claire, our ballerina, is home until mid-August!  UNH is on summer break and we moved her out of the honors dorm last Saturday morning. It didn't take long to move her stuff out and although I'm going to miss the quietness of the hall and it's surroundings as well as that wonderful walkway, I'm happy she chose a different dorm for next year that is closer to the main center of campus and that has an elevator because once again, she will live on the 4th floor!  She practiced driving home via going across NH and down Vermont with me as passenger for most of the 5 hour drive.  We stopped at this cafe to eat and of course we loved every bite.  It isn't cheap but everything is organic, raw or cooked to your specifications and vegan.  They do have a few vegetarian options.  I had the Jasmine Green Iced Tea with the Roasted Veggie Wrap and we shared Avocado on Raw bread.  YUMMY!  Dave took the shorter route down 495 to the Mass Pike so he beat us home by about 45 minutes.  I'm thankful she's home, has a summer job and that the trip was uneventful!

  • MOTHERS DAY!  My oldest girl bought me a beautiful card with a wonderful handwritten message inside.  My youngest gal bought me a new UNH decal for my new car and my husband treated us to this place for a late lunch.  I didn't want anything fancy.  In fact, the restaurant I requested has been closed down and we didn't know it until we got there!!  So we discovered this place by accident when Claire started using the Happy Cow app.  (I LOVE that app!!).  This was a great find and I'm already planning when we can go back.  You pay by how much your plate weighs.  It's great.  Most of the items are vegan and all of the veggies are locally grown and are organic.  That cookie you see is a flourless cookie that is totally vegan.  The chocolate chips were amazing. I had roasted root veggies and a cold rice veggie dish with some potato salad on the side.  It was wonderful and I'm thankful we had outside seats too!  It was a gorgeous day!

My "new" 2015 Honda Civic with only 9200 miles!
  • ALL DONE!  My Honda, which was hit by a very young driver on the way to work on 8 May, is all repaired!  The auto body shop we chose to deal with was just amazing.  So attentive and helpful and took care of all the insurance headaches.  In fact, all I had to do was fill out the required report that NYS demands.  Which didn't match what the state police report had so I'm hoping it's all ok!  NYS makes everything so difficult.  It's just awful.  But it's done and now the insurance agencies can settle everything and hopefully, before spring is over, I will be reimbursed for the deductible!  My new car's name is Jonah and now Claire is the proud owner of my 2007 Nissan Sentra (the silver one you see in the background) which is named Bullet. We're thankful this repair which was quite extensive according to the auto body workers, only took 8 days!  Glory to God!

  • JOB OFFER!  Claire was only home for about 4 days when she received word that job she interviewed for last week was being offered to her!  She will be working Mon-Thurs during the school year in the Language Center.  She speaks French and Russian so I believe that was a huge help in getting the job! It will only be for about 80 minutes a day so is perfect for someone with a double major and a minor. We're thankful the Lord opened this door for her.

  • EVENINGS ON THE DECK! I've had the chance to sit out on the deck or swing a few evenings this past week. It's been wonderful.  My lilacs have bloomed and the scent is lovely although if I bring them in the house, we all end up with itchy eyes. I'm so thankful we are having a nice spring finally!! 
that wraps up the week.

Nothing exciting really but just some little blessings that God brings into our days.

I hope you all have a restful weekend doing the things you love.


Patti said...

New jobs for both your girls! That's great! When our children move into adulthood, we always have new concerns for them, one of which is that they will be able to find jobs. I'm so glad both your girls have been successful in that.

Yay, your car is repaired. That was pretty quick. As I recall, when I wrecked my car many years ago, I was without it for about a month, as I waited for it to get fixed.

A chilled glass of wine sounds like a perfect way to end the week. What is your favorite sip? Mine is merlot, malbec, or pinot noir. Yep, I'm a dry red gal.

I've been offline much of the week---besides banging my face up, I was helping a friend who had some surgery and watching my grandpup. I'm hoping to get a fave post up, but it might not happen until tomorrow.

Happy weekend to you,

Susanne said...

That sounds like a great job for a university student! I love the color of your new car. Glad they did a great job on the repair for you. Your Mother's Day sounds like it was lovely. New restaurants are always fun to try, you never know when you might find a treasure. We tend to avoid restaurants on Mother's and Father's day. Just too busy and crowded and I always feel like I'm being pushed through as fast as possible to seat the next patrons. I'm a linger over the meal at a restaurant kinda gal. Books and chairs and wine (non-alcoholic for me) sounds like a great plan. It's a long weekend here and hopefully the weather will co-operate and I can do it on the deck!

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad the trip to bring Claire home went well, and how nice she arrived just in time for Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day. Claire's job for the school year sounds ideal. Glad you have your car back!

Wendy said...

Definitely lots of blessings there, new car, old one repaired, daughter home for the summer and a new dorm with elevator! All my kids had uni accommodation that involved stairs and more stairs and never and elevator in sight! lol
Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day and yes getting home and pouring a glass of wine, I'll drink to that! Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

Being multi lingual is definitely an asset in looking for work.
I'm glad your week is over! I can imagine you sitting on your deck or in your house just resting and drinking your glass of wine.
Dorms with only stairs--yeah, that's a tough one. My daughter broke her ankle and lived on the second floor of the dorm with no elevator. So she had to MOVE ROOMS for the rest of the semester (it happened in January!).
Happy Mother's Day to you--I'm glad you had a fun day.

a jar full of marigolds said...

It sounds like a wonderful Mother's day and a busy week getting your daughter home. The food looks delicious! I love finding places like that. We are still rather chilly and rainy here though today is warmer...but still gray and we're expecting thunderstorms this afternoon.