"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

04 May 2018

"It's May" Faves!

What a week!  busy, expensive, tiring, warm, productive.

I'm exhausted from all the things going on in life right now but I'm purposefully taking a pause to reflect back on the week and share FIVE of my FAVES.  I link up at Susanne's site,with others who do this too.  Let's give thanks to God for all the blessings, big and small!

a tree decorated for Christmas in the park!

Amanda, her son E, and her mom Lisa
(photo is by permission)
  • SMALL GROUP SOCIAL EVENT:  As a small group leader in my church, I am supposed to provide at least one social event per semester.  Last Saturday morning was the day!  We had planned a fitness walk in the big town park,  followed by breakfast at the local diner we all love.  We only walked about a mile because one of the women (pictured above) had to bring her son as her husband had to work overtime.  So, we walked (there were 5 of us total ) and then we met another of the ladies at the diner for breakfast.  Sadly, 2 of our ladies couldn't make it.  But oh what fun we had.  It was a rather cool morning and overcast but the sun eventually came out and it ended up being an absolutely gorgeous spring day!!  I'm so thankful I get to do life with these amazing women.

  • CAR REPAIRS:  Our youngest daughter will be getting my 2007 Nissan Sentra next weekend when we pick her up from UNH and move her out of her dorm for the summer.  I took it to our mechanic for an inspection and for a belt replacement and lo and behold he honestly told me I needed 4 new tires (2 were completely bald and how we didn't notice this is beyond me!), and I also needed another part.  Total bill was a lot less than I had anticipated but it was still close to $1000,00. Thankfully I can use some of my dad's estate money to help pay for it and now it's safe to drive again!  I'm glad these little things work themselves out and that we have an honest, inexpensive mechanic.  If I had taken it to the dealer it would have been twice the cost of what I ended up paying.

  • WARM TEMPS AND SUNSHINE!!  We had 2 rainy days this week but the other days were warm and sunny!!  My tulips are just about opened and I have green leaves on my rose bushes!  Our grass is all green now and thick and long!  Dave will have to cut it this weekend. I'm just so thankful spring is really here along with warm temperatures!
totally vegan dinner

  • HOMEMADE VEGAN DINNER:  I came up with my own plant-based dinner this past Monday. Oh my goodness. It was a hit! Even with the meat eaters in the family.  You can find my recipe here if you want to copy it. I'm thankful for a cupboard full of good spices to aid in this new way of eating!!

  • RECONNECTED!  Last weekend, I saw a comment by an older gentleman on a FB group I am a part of.  I recognized the last name so asked him if he was related to a woman I remembered from my childhood....she's 10 years older than me and would have been a college freshman when I first met her at the age of 8. She and another member of a college singing group stayed in my childhood home when my parents were a host family for this weekend event. Well, I just loved E.....she played piano and went to the Christian college I would attend 10 years later.  I continued to see her a few summers at the church camp my parents sent me to. Lo and behold me, she didn't remember me until I mentioned the names of my sisters and then we started messaging back and forth and got caught up on our lives.  She lives in the western part of the state and so is about 4 hours west of me here in eastern NY. BUT.....when people are believers, you just have that common bond and it was like we just reconnected with no problem!  We are now friends on FB and plan on getting together sometime in the (hopefully) near future whenever my undergrad college has another reunion I can attend.  She is still active with some of the music events there and it was just so neat to reconnect and find other friends whom we have in common. I figured out that it was about 1971 or 1972 when I last saw her....back when I was 11 or 12!! So neat that we reconnected! And I'm so thankful for the technology to make all of this happen!
That sums up my week.

It's been a crazy busy one at work with the preschoolers and with stuff going on here at home.
But it is now the month of May and I plan on getting the kayaks in the lake this weekend.

Have a wonderfully refreshing and restful weekend!


Barbara H. said...

It's a good idea to have a social event with the small group, and what a great idea to have a walk and breakfast. I'm glad you were able to get the car repairs done and the financing all worked out. We've had a lovely spring week, too. God is good all the time and is there all the time, no matter what the weather, but these springy days do boost my spirit. Neat that you were able to reconnect with that special person! I hope you have a good week.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you got everything sorted with the car, especially the tyres - that could have been dangerous. I'm sure many of us don't know how to check our tyres let alone do it regularly. I'm glad you've finally got spring. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Patti said...

That is so neat that you reconnected with your old friend. I hope you get a chance to get together in person very soon.

I love going for walks. My friend Natalie (20 years younger) and I try to walk one morning a week. Her almost 3-year old comes with us. I think we should follow your idea and go for breakfast afterwards, at least every once in awhile.

It's always great when we find a new recipe the family really loves.

Good that the car is fixed and has new---and safe---tires on it. Tires are so costly...nice that you had some estate money to help with that.

Happy Saturday

betty-NZ said...

Life is full of ups and downs but we have to learn to appreciate the ups! Awesome list.

Susanne said...

We always have a social event every 6 months or so with our small group too. I love the ladies getting to know each other on a more personal level too not just as a study group. A fitness walk and breakfast sounds like a great idea! A good mechanic is really a blessing. We watched a "Marketplace" show about dealerships and how they up sell the customer all sorts of stuff they don't need including oil changes (way more often than the manufacturer recommends). It really opened our eyes. Enjoy that kayaking this weekend. It's gorgeous weather here too. I'll probably go biking.

Willow said...

Our small group does social things too. It's a good way to cement friendships.
How did the kayaking go? I know you loved it!
What a fun thing to reconnect with a long time friend. That's the one reason I stay on facebook. I've reconnected with so many people that way.