"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

27 October 2018

For the Glory!

Don't you just love when something you are learning about in a book study (small group) is repeated the very same week in either a sermon or a devotional reading?

This happened to me this morning.

I read the next entry in my Earth Psalms book and the writing was centered around the following Scripture:


The devotional went on to explain that storks are monogamous for a season and they tend to return to the same nest year after year.  And then the writer went on to explain that storks don't tend to be highly intelligent but they are wiser than us usually!  She then went on to quote Jeremiah 8:7 which states:

"Even the stork that flies across the sky knows the time of her migration, as do the turtledove, the swallow, and the crane.  They all return at the proper time each year.  But not my people!   They do not know the Lord's laws!" ~Jer 8:7~
These animals just instinctively know what they were created to do!  But do we??

Do we know that we were created for God's glory?  Our main purpose in this life is to bring glory to God!

He created us to have a relationship with Him...an intimate, vibrant one....that is full of joy, peace, love.  And yet.........how often do we forget this or turn away from Him?  Some people never embrace God as Savior at all!  And we know the only way to God the Father is through the Son Jesus Christ.  This is core Biblical Truth.

Just like He was faithful to the unfaithful Israelites, He is faithful to us even when we turn away and do our own thing or put Him last instead of first.

This is like our marriage journey too isn't it? or our relationships with our closest friends? We tend to be faithful to the ones who are there for us.  Our marriage partner needs us to spend time with him/her just like God wants us to spend time with Him.  and our closest friends become our trusted friends because of the fact we do life with them....we spend time with them!  How much more so does God want that with us??!  If we do it with our earthly friendships, let's purpose in our hearts to do so with our Heavenly Father.....the Lover of our Soul.

God will never go against His own nature...He will never deny us.  But we need to come to Him!  He will receive us with open arms...whether it's the first time or the hundredth time. When we turn away from sin (repent), and live in His will following His plans and purposes, we then become what God created us to be.

By being faithful to God, we bring Him glory.  

It's for the Glory of God that we were created.......

let's not waste our lives forgetting our purpose.......


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love when we see the same scripture repeated in our lives. It's as if God is speaking directly to us...pay attention.

Susanne said...

Beautiful. I love when this happens. I know it's God really trying to get a point across to me.