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09 November 2018

Random Faves

It's time to reflect back on the week and share FIVE of my FAVE things...blessings from God....and then I link up at Susanne's and read what other women are sharing.  

Mine are just random and really aren't connected in any way but they made me smile and say "thank You, God!"

BLT Crepe
  • NEW PLACE IN TOWN!  My friend Cindy and her daughter K met me at the brand new crepe place in town last Friday for an early dinner.  The grand opening celebration at this amazing new place had just ended and so the crowd had died out.  Oh.my.goodness. We finally have a non-burger joint in town.  It was simply amazing.  If you don't know anything about T-Swirl Crepes, read about it here. I'm hooked!  Next time I go, I'll get a dessert crepe. I'm thankful for good food with REAL ingredients and FRESH ingredients where everything is made to order.
Sunday chores in our backyard!
  • OUTDOOR TIME:  Dave and I had our "sabbath" on Saturday and most of the morning was rainy and the afternoon was downright cold and windy!  But Sunday dawned bright and clear and warmer so after church, we began the dreaded chore of raking up leaves from our two maples in the backyard plus the 2 cherry trees in the front.  Most of the large maple still had its leaves so we only completed 5 bags.  I completed another bag from the front yard on Wednesday after work and the rest of the leaves will probably fall in the next week or so.  I'm glad we have a good start on this chore and I'm thankful we both enjoyed the time outdoors working together.

Cheryl, me, and Julie
  • LUNCH DATE!! On Saturday morning, I headed about 40 minutes west of my home and met 2 of my high school friends for brunch at a fave diner.  Oh my goodness, the fun we had catching up with each other. Julie and I hadn't seen each other in 40 years, since the day we graduated from high school, other than a few weeks ago at the reunion dinner.  Cheryl and I hike together all the time.....at least twice a month in the warmer months, and we've stayed in touch all through college, grad school and our careers.  Julie is married with two sons and Cheryl never married.  Both still live back in my hometown.  What fun we had, along with delicious food, and we chatted for a little over 2 hours!  We decided we were going to get together again once the holiday season is over and try to make this a regular thing every couple of months.  I'm thankful for my old friends with whom I've reconnected.

  • FAFSA COMPLETE:  This isn't usually a fave but the reason it makes the list is because this year it was super easy to complete and we got the bonus of chatting with our youngest on the phone while doing it because we had to call her to get some info. (for those of you living in the USA and have had children in college, you know what I'm talking about!!). I'm thankful my husband is good at math and gets these kinds of things done quickly and I'm thankful that Claire is doing well as the semester winds down and that she was able to contribute to this task.  

the grassy area to the left of our playground.
Children were on the playground so I couldn't take their photo.
But this is one of our running spaces.


  • PLAYGROUND FUN:  This past week we had one half day (Election Day) and one rainy day.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday the sun was shining, temps were in the high 50s so we took the preschoolers outside for gross motor.  What fun we all had on the playground.  Three of our male students love to "play chase" (tag) and always want me to chase them.  It was a delight to do so....I'm so thankful we have a play-based special education curriculum where I teach.  We incorporate so many fun things while teaching basic skills.  I just love it!  Plus, it's great exercise and the fresh air is perfect this time of year.

That wraps up my faves.

I hope you have a fun weekend planned.

I have the house to my self for a couple of days/nights this weekend for the first time in 25 years!!  Husband is on a youth group convention trip and oldest girl is down in the mid-Atlantic region attending a wedding.

I'm gonna love it!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Ooh a crepe place! That sounds wonderful.

Barbara H. said...

I would love for that crepe place to come here! I get so tired of the same old choices in fast food. Thankfully we don't have any major leaf-shedding tress in our yard. There are plenty in the neighborhood, so we get to enjoy looking at them without having to clean the leaves up. The lunch dare sounds like so much fun! I do know what you mean about FAFSA - nice to have it done again. I'm glad you had some nice days for the kids to play outside. Enjoy your weekend!

Karen said...

Faith, I always enjoy your FFF posts! You have such enthusiasm and your life is so full with people you love. That says a lot about the sweet, gracious person you are.

Dianna said...

Hello Faith...

You had some special blessings to share with us this week! I enjoyed reading about each one...especially the one where you and your two friends from high school got together. It sounded like you had such fun together.

I also enjoyed reading about you and your hubby outside working together at raking the leaves on Sunday. I love being out in our yard when my husband is out there working.

Enjoy having this weekend to yourself!

Susanne said...

Yummy. I imagine that crepe place is going to be very popular. My mom used to make delicious crepes for us when we were kids, both savory and sweet. So crepes hold a special place in my food memories. My hubby just mows the leaves now. I rake for the kid's to play in them, but when it's time to clean them the mower is so fast and it helps compact them by chopping them up and no raking. Looks like lovely days for playground fun.