"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

07 December 2007

Time to post something that makes me smile. Am only doing 1 today! It has brought a HUGE smile to my face! It actually happened yesterday about 2 hours after I got home from teaching.
Mail came with a package for me from my childhood friend Ann. We have been friends since about 1972! We grew up (our teen years) in the church together...both of us are from the central NY area...she now lives/works in Michigan, I am in capital region of NY. We have remained close over the years with cards, emails, and she has visited a few times. Well, I assumed the package was something for my birthday as I turn the big 48 in a couple of days. Her birthday is in a week. We usually just exchange cards but she is into homemade crafts so I thought maybe it was something homemade.
When I opened the package there was a smaller wrapped one with instructions to call her before opening the rest! Called her on her cell. She told me to unwrap the small box. My youngest daughter was home from school by this time so helped me. Inside was a tropical fish ornament. Underneath was a sealed envelope. She told me to open it and start reading.
OH MY! She has invited me and 9 other people to join her on a Caribbean cruise next December to celebrate her 50th birthday!!! All cruise and air fare is paid for! It is amazing! She said Merry Xmas! I was floored! She is giving us a year to get ready, get time off of work, etc etc. My husband was like "hey...my wife is going on a cruise without me??!" (we have never been on one although we went to the Caribbean on our honeymoon)
So....the thought of being on a cruise ship for 4 days next December is really making me smile today!!

Happy Friday everyone...enjoy a wonderful weekend preparing for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate this month! Around our house we will be busy with dress rehearsal for Claire's church show, wrapping gifts for the grandparents, doing some baking, and cleaning the house. We will also enjoy some quiet time of reading and watching movies. Whatever your plans are, do it unto the Lord and take time to reflect on His mercy and grace!


Anonymous said...

Super! I would love to go on an-
other cruise. So nice of her.
They must have money! Cruise's are not cheap! A great birthday gift!

Faith said...

Dear Anon: my friend is single and works as a retreat center director for the Methodist church. I am thinking she most likely got some kind of a discount! I am hoping I can go!!

Mrs. C said...

I havn't had much computer time lately, and I'm just now catching up with you. :)

What a wonderful surprise you received, and what a fabulous friend you have. I'm sure everything will work out for you to go, although I would have a hard time waiting for next December to get here. ;)

Mrs. C