"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

11 February 2008

Is anyone else tired of doing housework?????
I keep up with the daily stuff: laundry, dishes in the dishwasher (thank the Lord for those appliances!!), making beds, and wiping down bathrooms. But I am talking about the major stuff. I am just so tired of it all. I mean what is the point? I am so tired of dusting the bookshelves, the coffee table, mopping the kitchen floor and cleaning the baseboards! ARGH....ok, can you tell winter is getting to me? I am SOOO not a winter person. I don't have any winter sports I like other than snowshoeing and we don't have enough snow to do that! I hate the bitter cold and I despise doing my power-walking in the cold. Yes, I am complaining. I think part of it is I am feeling a kind of let down after an awesome weekend....maybe it's the Monday blues or something. The Winter Ball was a great success according to my 14 year old. She liked it better than the Homecoming Dance as it was less crowded and more of her good friends went. She also had her BFF spend the nite as they both belong to the youth group so we just brought S---to church with us the next morning. My youngest had a great drama rehearsal and of course if you scroll down, you will read that Dave and I enjoyed a fantastic marriage seminar with friends. So...why am I so grump? We are supposed to be joyful aren't we as Christians? Well, honestly, today is just not a joyful one for me. I have peace but not that inner joy right now....I honestly do think part of it is the weather with me. I know some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder...I think I do to some extent (my husband agrees with me!). I mean, come April I LOVE washing windows, cleaning carpets and floors and even those baseboards. But in the dead of winter? Just give me a chocolate oatmeal cookies and a big mug of hot coffee and a novel...I just want to veg! But...the upstairs bathroom is needing my attention and I can't get my teen to do it as she has quite a bit of homework this afternoon. SO.....here I go, forcing my self to wipe down sinks, clean the toilet, mop the floor (thank God it is ceramic tile so is easy to clean...unlike our downstairs bathroom which is still vinyl flooring....Yuck!). And that reminds me....does anyone recommend a good mop for ceramic tile that is a grade 5? it's what we have in the kitchen. the contractor said all we need to do to keep it clean is hot water and a mop plus special tile cleaner once a year (spring) but...I can't seem to ever buy a decent mop. Maybe that's why I am so grumpy! I am on my 4th mop since we had the kitchen redone (2005) and I STILL don't like this one! Any ideas????? Ok, time to get upstairs and clean (and ponder why I am bothering...and don't tell me it is because God likes our houses to be in order...it IS orderly...just dirty! LOL)


His Doorkeeper said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm like you, I would love to "veg" out today especially....wintry weather does that to me! But today our sweet little janitor at church was home sick and I spend the day cleaning for her. I know how it feels to drag to work sick and it just wasn't a good day for her to be out. Looks like we are going to have ice again tomorrow. I just might get a chance to finish that book I've been reading! Hope you and your family are well! Blessings!

Erin said...

LOL! You know I'm with you on this Faith, I was thinking this weekend, gee when I get home from work at night it is dark and I don't notice things like the baseboard, dust etc., it is getting to the point that I only want to be in my house in the evening so I don't have to deal with those things. Oh tonight Jesse yells down my blanket is wet and I don't know why well I do the dog peed on his blanket, tonight I'm ready to ditch the dog, the two cats, the guinea pig and the lizard. I said to the boys, I want my own apartment so that when I walk in the door at night I can take care of myself for a change. The weather does make it so much worse, as you can see I'm not in the best of moods, I'm hiding from my kids and the animals up in my room right now :0)

Faith said...

Erin: You are cracking me up! And you know how I feel about pets!! I would go nuts with all your animals. But yeah...winter....ick...can't wait until it's over...did you hear we are supposed to get significant snow tomorrow? At least it will warm up! (a little!). Thanks for visiting!

Susanne said...

I think we all go through this to some point in the winter. There is more and more evidence of the sun's, or lack of it, on depression in the long winter months.

I went through a huge phase of hating housework but I think it was because I was overwhelmed that I was the only person doing it. And I kept it all to myself all the while stomping around and getting more frustrated. We've all talked it out and there is more help from the rest of the fam, so it's much better now.

Faith said...

Hi Susanne: good for you. I, too, need to open my mouth more and gently ask for help. I usually rant and rave and then hubby does it out of guilt...which then leaves me feeling guilty. But...we did talk a little last nite about each of us doing our own chores as now mom is working every day again! (granted it is only part time but still)....a woman who works outside the house, or like you, with preschoolers IN the house, our time needs to be managed very carefully and we need our families to be a team! I find it hard to "do it all" I would much rather do my ministry work and my career work than my housework! Oh well...today we are supposed to get a snowstorm so tomorrow if there is no school I am setting down some firmer guidelines about chores, housework and who is responsible for what!! I may even use a spreadsheet...then my family will KNOW i mean business! LOL

Jennifer said...

Hi Faith.
I don't mind the everyday housework, but when it comes to the down and dirty stuff....I don't so much like it. I have to make myself. Once I get it done...then I can look, see and feel my accomplishments...it makes me feel better.

I kinda get the Winter Blahs too...but, with the mild temps we have had in OUR part of Tn...my blah's haven't been so bad this year.

Oh...and No we were not in the tornado area of TN. That was just terrible to read about all the devastation. So sad.