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25 October 2008

Answered Prayers

I just had to write and tell you all about the Moms in Touch group I am involved in.
It all started when my friend and next door neighbor (Melissa) introduced me and my husband to a couple at a New Year's Eve party we were all at next door. We found out that night (about 2 or 3 years ago) that Dorrae and her husband (the couple we were introduced to) are also Christians! They attend a different church from us but their 2 daughters also go to my youngest daughter's school. It is one of the 7 elementary schools (K-6) in our school district. I think it is so awesome how the Lord had us meet another Christian family at the exact same school!

Dorrae had it on her heart to start a prayer group for Christian moms who have their children in public school. I was also praying about starting a moms small group on topics related to those of us with children in public school or with preteens/teens. So....Dorrae prayed. I prayed. I took the small group leadership classes that are required at my church in order to be able to run a small group.

Meanwhile, she decided to look into Moms in Touch International. We were off and running in September and I love it!
There are several Christian families who attend the public schools where we live in our town.
Many of us go to my church, Grace Fellowship, and several families attend other evangelical or nondenominational churches here in town or the outlying areas. Dorrae attends a Baptist church just a bit north of here but she has her oldest daughter in the HizKidz Praise! ministry with my youngest daughter, at GF. (my church). She is becoming a good friend of mine. Again, answer to prayer!

We contacted the other Christian moms that we know of who have their children at the school. (I work at a different elem. school in the district) Every one was so excited to hear about this prayer group that was forming. At the meetings there have been 5 of us who can meet on a regular basis but there are several more who either work full time or part time during the times we are meeting or they just can't make the mtgs. I keep them updated via emails. One mom whose youngest daughter is a 6th grader at the school, said she is praying during our meeting time, while she is at her desk at work! Glory to God!

It has been a huge blessing to be a part of this small group. AND, although my own small group is not up and running yet, due to the Lord's timing, I feel like this is where He wants me for now. I am still praying about running a small group for moms of preteens/teens and I will as soon as I hear more clearly from the Lord regarding days/times, etc. But for now......

Moms in Touch is a great way to stay connected and to be in service for our children.
2 of us also have teen daughters at the high school. So we pray for our teens, too! And we pray for the high school. We know that one of the 3 principals is a brand new Christian! And the principal of the elementary school where our children are attending is also a Christian. This is awesome and an answer to prayer!! She is under some stress for some decisions she has made recently so one thing we do is pray for her to remain strong in her convictions.

At our meeting on Friday, the topic was God is our Teacher. We had 3 specific Bible Scriptures to go along with the topic but the one that really stood out to me was the one from Psalm 32: 8 which states: "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye."

He SEES us! He sees our children!

I am trying to teach my children, based on this Scripture, that God is a Teacher who has His Eye on us. Just like their teachers in school have their eyes on the classroom and know every second where the students are. But....with God...He sees the future! The girls know that their teachers cannot know their future or what it might bring. Only God knows. And He is the ultimate Teacher they need to follow! I love that my daughters have always had kind, caring, excellent teachers. For the most part, my husband and I have been very satisfied with the quality of education our children are receiving here in N C------. The schools here are excellent, progressive, and have the highest academic standing in this region. We are fortunate to have excellent curricula and that the administration is open to the parents previewing it or sitting in on classes. We are blessed.

BUT....the teachers are human. And for the most part, from what I have observed, many of them do not know the Lord. I am praying for their eyes to be opened of course. I always tell my daughters to be the best examples of Christians that they can be. They have an important job. They are representing JESUS in the public schools....how awesome is that???
AND....we don't know what kinds of seeds are being planted.

The Scripture that the Lord put on my heart to pray over for the entire school district but most especially for the 2 schools my daughters are at is from Hosea 6: 3. It says "....let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord..."

This prompted me to pray that each and every teacher involved in my daughters' lives this year would someday know the knowledge of God. They are all very dedicated and professional teachers. Most of them are excellent. But...they are unsaved. (as far as I know). They all have Masters degrees as they are all NYS permanent certified teachers like me. This means they have lots of book knowledge. They have skilled areas. But....spiritually they are empty if they don't know Christ. This is what Moms in Touch is for: to pray for the lost souls as well as for our children. I am praying that each and every teacher will come to know Him and that seeds of His knowledge would be planted in their hearts. Claire has 1 classroom teacher plus one for each special area (Art, Music, Orchestra, Phys Ed, Computer Lab, Library). That means she has 7 different teachers we can pray for! Courtney has a homeroom teacher plus one for each course she is taking. She is taking 8 courses. She has 8 different teachers! Plus a hall principal and a building principal. That is alot of people. And trust me.....in a school district with 7 elmentary schools, one junior high and one senior high with a population of about 500 kids per class (per high school grade I mean)...that is alot of students, staff and teachers. Alot of praying needs to be done!

I encourage you to start your own Moms in Touch group if you have children in public school. It is exciting, and a great way to be a light in the darkness.

I am expecting great things to happen this year!! GLORY TO GOD!


Meridith said...

Sounds like a great ministry...

I found your blog on the LWG blogroll... just looking for other Christian women to connect with. Off to read more.... (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, good stuff. Praise the Lord!

Susan said...

Wow, this is just incredible!! It's Mom's like you all that make such a difference.

I love to see prayer in action.

Thanks for sharing this awesome testimony!!!