"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

25 October 2008

Weekend Fun

Do you have plans this weekend?
Maybe it's spending time outside with family or friends?
Some early Christmas shopping?
Some baking or cooking?
How about some exercise or a different work-out from your normal, daily one?

Whatever you do, enjoy it and remember that "This is the day that the Lord has made....let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

I had a fairly busy week with teaching at the school, ministry duties and managing the home.
Around our house, this time of year, our thoughts start turning towards the holiday season and gift buying. We are keeping things even more simple this year due to a stricter budget and a busy holiday season due to ministries we are all involved in.
What I plan on doing today and tomorrow though is just enjoying some family time.
Dave is planning on taking Claire to the library as she is now involved in reading the series that her big sister used to enjoy at this age: "The Series of Unfortunate Events". I highly recommend these books. They are fiction/fantasy and lots of fun for preteens. We own a few of them but not all of them so a trip to the library will be fun for Claire.

Courtney and I plan on shopping for a "sweet 16" party she is attending next weekend for a friend from school and perhaps beginning some early xmas shopping for the grandparents.
I am also in the process of teaching her how to thoroughly clean a bathroom. She volunteered to wash all the mirrors in the house so I said this would be a great opportunity to learn how to clean a tub/shower/sink/toilet properly. She was fine with everything but the toilet. Oh well. This is something every person needs to learn before college, in my opinion! LOL

And....we want to try some new cookie recipes this year so we are starting today with a peanut butter cookie that includes hershey kisses! It makes for a fun time for the 2 of us before she has to finish up homework and get to her life:group and youth group event tonite.

Dave and I might even get in some light hiking in the town park if the weather holds out....rain is predicted so our hike might have to be rescheduled for Sunday afternoon.

Basically our weekend will be doing normal things around our house, together, and saving time for a couple of fun things plus church on Sunday and then just resting all day. Dave has a super busy week coming up and will be going out of town for a few days so the time together as a family is important. I feel as though the Lord put it on my mind to slow down a bit on the weekends and do less housework and running around. We are blessed to have this time together.

I also want to work more on the Bible Study I have been doing since late spring. I plan on carving out a chunk of time to sit and do at least 2 chapters plus the study questions.

If you have lots of apples left and don't want to make the Fresh Broccoli Salad I posted on Tuesday, feel free to try some of these ideas. They were on a handout that my youngest daughter brought home from school on Friday. And for dessert tonite, I am making Apple-blueberry Crisp. I'll post the recipe on Tuesday.
Baking with Apples...Great Snacks for Children

1. Baked Apples: mix together raisins or dried cherries, cinnamon, and a little brown sugar. Core an apple, and spoon the mixture into the hole. Drizzle on a little honey (but not if a child under the age of 2 is eating these!) and bake at 375 until the apple is soft (takes about 40 min).

2. Dried Apple Rings: Peel and core apples and slice them into thin rings. Place on cookie sheet (lightly sprayed) and bake at 250 for 2 hours.

3. Apple Wedges: Roll apple wedges in whopped cream cheese and then in chopped nut or low-fat granola. Serve with mugs of hot cocoa for a great after school snack or as a treat for when homework is done, instruments are practiced, etc.

OR....do what I do: chop apples into small bites and stir into pancake mixture. Add a cup of frozen blueberries and stir gently. Once the pancakes are done, serve with warm maple syrup or just eat them plain......around our house...that's our breakfast......

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! And join me here on Monday where I plan on sharing what God has been showing me about the Moms in Touch group I am involved in....I'd love to get your feedback!!


Susanne said...

Apple Crisp is my all time comforting favorite dessert! Blueberries sound like a wonderful addition!

Our weekends always seem so busy too. I had to consciously make choices to slow it down.

Have a wonderful time shopping with your daughter.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I love this post.....it's a busy weekend, yet it seems like time well spent. Quality time with your family and with the Lord. :) It brings a smile to my heart, and of course the apple recipes brought a smile to my stomach.