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12 November 2008

Bloggin' Break

Well, yes. All moms are working moms. But some of us choose to work outside the home. Or some don't choose to, but must. And for those of us who do this, we have lots of roles we play on this journey of life. And during the holiday season...well....it sure gets hectic! So....with that: I need to take a couple of weeks off from the blogosphere. This is gonna be hard! But...this working mom needs to get some stuff done due to leaving for Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation. More on that when I come back next week.

I need to finish up some personal devotional stuff the Lord has put on my heart to complete. I have wasted alot of time lately on the computer, particularly the blog, and have not completed things/books that I set my self to do before the holidays.
I still need to finish up xmas shopping for the girls, and my parents. I haven't even started yet for my husband or his parents. I have xmas cards to address and actually need to order a few more!

I need to concentrate on finishing up some home projects I began in September that really must be done by next weekend.
Plus....my youngest (Claire) got the solo dance part she auditioned for!!
And rehearsals are more frequent now at church due to the fact that the musical will be performed in just 4 weeks and 3 days! Since I am a rehearsal assistant, I need to be there for all rehearsals plus all Claire's dance rehearsals.

Add to this the managing of the home and the fact that my husband leaves for Texas on Saturday for a week of work down there...well....I'll be doing the single parent thing again.

So....I'll see you all in about 2 weeks.....look for my post about the T-----clan having dinner at Plimoth Plantation....good grief...the things I do for my in-laws!
(remember: for those of you who have been a regular reader here, my husband's family are direct descendants from John T----- who came over on the Mayflower.)
You can read about this here.
They are also direct descendants from a T----who came over the next year on the Speedwell. So yeah. Thanksgiving is kinda big with the in-laws.

Enjoy the week! I'm off to tackle some of those projects I mentioned......


Kimberly said...

Hooray for your daughter! :) I know your heart will be bursting with joy as you watch her dance!

I totally understand needing to take a blogging break. Kind of like right now...I should NOT be on the computer...WAY too much I should be doing! :)

Have a great break! May you have sweet times of refreshment with the Lord and may you be able to get much accomplished!

Blessings! You will be missed while you are away! :)

Tammy said...

I totally understand...
Are you really going to Plymouth Plantation?

And guess what? I am a direct decedent from William Bradford! So I would love to visit the plantation!
Have a wonderful time and enjoy your break...but come back soon!

Faith said...

Hi kimberly:I'll miss you too!

Hi Tammy:
WOW...I'll tell my hubby you are a descendant of Bbradford...very cool!
Yes every American, in my opinion, should visit the Mayflower replica and the Plimoth Plantation at least once...especially with children!!

ANd yes...we are having our Thanksgiving feast at the plantation...more on that later on when I return to blogging.

tali said...

i have probably missed you already. Have a great break and i hope the LORD filled you with all the energy you needed to complete the work of your hands!

There's so much on your blog, it will give me a chance to look up some of your labels. But still I will misss you.

Connie Marie said...

Blogging takes up a lot of time for sure! I hope you enjoy your off time. See you when you get back!

e-Mom said...

We'll miss you! But have a nice bloggy break.

Plimoth Plantation is an AMAZING place. Enjoy. We took our kids when they were 2 and 5. Our daughter especially enjoyed the experience, AND visiting the Mayflower replica. That ship whetted her appetite for twin-masted schooners and whaling ships of all kinds, and eventually led her into a career in oceanography. It's so amazing to look back at our family vacation that year, and see how it led to so many later marine science experiences for all of us.

Bless you Faith!