"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

About GoldintheClouds

Welcome to Gold in the Clouds.  I started this blog about 7 years ago and I've found  writing to be a good outlet for sharing my faith in Christ, my family life, friendships, and the things I have a passion for.  The title of the blog comes from the song with the same title, by Annie Herring of the Christian music group 2nd Chapter of Acts (my fave group as a teen).  Even in the storms of life, walking through days that are sometimes mundane, we CAN experience joy, blessings and "gold" in the clouds.......

I'm married to my best friend, Dave and we have 2 daughters.  I've been a full time Master teacher (Special Education) and a stay at home mom (4 years full time and 2 years working part time).  In the autumn of 2011, I started working full time again as a Special Education teacher assistant....the fun of teaching special needs students without the responsibilities and time-consuming tasks of a Master teacher.  

I also lead a small group for moms of teens/college-aged kids and I volunteer for our school district's "Friends of Music" committee.

My husband is a full time software engineer and a volunteers on our church's production team after years of being a youth group leader. He also has a passion for writing good short stories (science fiction and fantasy) and recently had his first short story published in an online magazine! He's always willing to hike and kayak with me and we enjoy trying new restaurants.

"The Princess"

 Our oldest (age 21, a senior) is away at a liberal arts faith-based inter-denominational college studying Graphic Design and Math and has 3  part time jobs on campus: she works in the main dining hall (weekends), is Assistant Director of Student Design Agency, and is a TA for Calculus 1.  She is busy but loves everything about college life!
"The Ballerina"

 Our youngest (age 16) is in 10th grade at our senior high where she takes a full load of classes including Russian, Orchestra, Latin, plus all the core classes following the advanced regents and honors program.  She plays violin like her big sister and also studies ballet, pointe, and lyrical ballet. She is currently a member of the Russian Club, EXPANSION (the club for Christians at her high school), and Key Club. She is very active in the youth group at church and volunteers on Saturday evenings at the junior high service. She also is a student leader for the senior high youth group and recently volunteered at the City Rescue Mission helping to teach inner city children through a VBS program.

I first accepted God as Redeemer in the summer of 1975 and went on to major in Music Education/Piano at a faith-based college in western New York.  After a time of being away from God after graduating in 1982, I re-dedicated my life to Christ and moved to the Capital Region to earn my Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology/Special Education.  I met my husband shortly after accepting a full time teaching job and we were married a year later!! 

I love hiking, biking, power-walking, and kayaking. These activities fit me well due to my spiritual temperament of "Naturalist".  My other passions include advocating for abused children, reading, creative writing, cooking and collecting recipes, and spending time in the Adirondack mountains. I also love visiting National Parks and we've been to several to camp, hike, tour and take photos in the last 23 years.

We all love God and strive to shine the Light in this diverse and often dark world.  We all love meeting new people and learning about new cultures...and our fave city is Boston!! We think of life as an adventure.

My hope is that by visiting here, you will be encouraged to draw close to God on your life walk and shine the Light so others can see the "gold in the clouds".

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Joyful Reader said...

I have to say you have a beautiful family! God has greatly blessed you! I for one appreciate your willingness to stand up for abused children. Our two younger children were adopted out of DFS. The youngest at the age of 4 had shot himself with a hand gun he found. Then their living conditions were investigated to reveal terrible conditions. That was 11 years ago now and they are thriving in our home! God has blessed us as well! I am encouraged with each visit here although I don't always take the time to comment...sorry, I will try to do better.