"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

20 November 2008

My list is gonna be super short today. I'm actually writing this on Wednesday, late afternoon.
I've had a time of spiritual refreshment this week....the Lord is good! He is faithful. He is patient! He is powerful. He moves in mysterious ways. I thank Him this week for the following:

  • All A's on Claire's report card and a glowing report from her 4th grade teacher today at the Parent-Teacher Conference. We are blessed to have her in this teacher's classroom and blessed that Claire is such a careful, thorough student. The teacher reported that she is an excellent role model as well. Glory to God!
  • Excellent grades on Courtney's report card! I won't bore you with all of them. The highest was her 98% in Drawing which is the "university in the high school" art class she is studying....PTL...she will get college credit. The lowest grade was an 84% (her lowest ever!!) in Honors Global History. It is a very tough course and she was a little surprised by the grade..she said she was expecting more like 88%. So.....although her overall GPA for first quarter of her sophomore year is a 92.50 she only makes Merit Roll this time rather than High Honor Roll. The GPA is in the Honor Roll range but because she has a grade lower than 85 she is dropped down to Merit Roll. But...this teaches her that maybe her effort needs to improve in this honors course...or it might teach her to opt out of the Honors History next year and stick with the regular NYS mandated class which is alot easier! It will be her decision. I am going to encourage her to pray about it. Thank you Lord, for my oldest and for her diligence!
  • For the Peace of God which passes all our human understanding. See my post below to learn why I would be thankful for this. The Peace of God truly does permeate our hearts when we focus on HIM and let Him take control.
  • For Air Transportation: my hubby will be home in just under 24 hours from his business trip....yeah.....and although he will be teaching at the Youth Center tonite with his junior high youth group, at least he will be home for dinner!! Thank you, Jesus! (well, I'm assuming his flight will be on time...so...after teaching all a.m. I'll be buzzing to the airport as he is due around 1 pm).
What about you?

What are you thankful for this week??


Susanne said...

Congratulations to your girl's on all their hard work and great marks.

It will be nice to have your hubby home again won't it? It was never the same when my hubby was gone on a business trip.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dave got in on time, you must have missed him! Courtney is such an awesome student Faith, Jesse thinks she should be a doctor. And Claire did so well also!