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23 November 2008

Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth, MA

This is where I'll be eating Thanksgiving dinner with the entire T----- clan!
Yeah. Like the Pilgrims did. Well, the general location anyways. It's not my idea, trust me!

It's my husband's oldest sister's idea (Karen). She is treating everyone to dinner there. She and her husband Curt, have one daughter, Hanna. Hanna is 17. She is a fun girl. She is one of my fave nieces. They actually live in San Francisco and only come to the East Coast for Thanksgiving and for the month of July which they spend at their beach house in Wareham (Cape Cod for those of you who are not from the NorthEast).

Anyways: in the T-----clan, there is Grampa and Grammy (my in-laws).
They have 4 children: Karen, Pete, Dave (my hubby), Paula.
Each child has children.

Karen and her hubby Curt have Hanna.
Pete and his wife Kathy have Adam (20) and Beth (18).
Dave and I have Courtney (15) and Claire (9)
Paula and her hubby Keith have Ronnie (8) and Debi (7).
They also have Keith's daughter from a previous relationship, Lyndsey (16).

SO....we all get together at the beach house for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is HUGE with this clan because they are direct descendants from John T----and another T--- who came over on the Mayflower and Speedwell.

Of course we have toured Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower replica and stood and gazed at Plymouth Rock (trust me when I say it is NOT that big a deal...it is actually very small and in a cage so tourists can't chip away at it...sad to think that happens, huh??!). Anyhoo....we have been to the Plantation. A lot. In all kinds of weather. Once when there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. Oh, and about the Rock: Dave's great grandfather actually dropped the Rock when a bunch of people from the town had to move it to its present location....so a large chunk fell off of it......yeah. My husband's relative. Only the T-----'s!

Did I mention that it is an outdoor thing?
As in: it is set up just like it was the real Pilgrim village of 1620's.
Meaning: no heat. Outdoor exhibits unless you stoop very low and venture into the little homes to listen to the actors playing the parts of the pilgrims do their thing. Oh...and we have been to Wampanoag Village as well which is connected to Plimoth Plantation. That was actually the more fun part of the tour.

SO....you can see why my girls are not all that excited about going there. Again.
In November.
BUT....they can't say they have ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner with about 300 other Americans at the same time!

Oops...they can't say that either, this time....because....

Get this: Karen waited too long to make the reservation. (the plantation begins to accept reservations on June 2)

Therefore, we don't get to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at the Plantation on Thursday.
We get to eat it on Friday. At the Plantation. Only it is called a Victorian Feast.

And no. We are NOT going to dress as the ladies/gents did in the Victorian era.

So...while you all (all you USA readers I mean) are sitting around your table on Thursday enjoying your roasted turkey and all the trimmings, think of me.
I will be surrounded by T----'s at a cold beach house with the icy cold winds of the Atlantic sweeping across the beach eating subs or something easy.

And when you all are out shopping on Black Friday, I'll be sitting with about 300 other people who waited to long to make their Turkey day reservations, eating foods served Victorian style and walking around the Plantation. Again.

I refuse to go into Plymouth village and get on that ship again....no way.....way too cold for me! We'll head back to the beach house and make a nice warm fire. And long for leftovers that are nonexistant!

Hopefully the whole clan will get along great. This clan is known for their um...well...their um...rather boisterous arguments. Keep in mind that Dave and I are the only ones who know the Lord in a personal way. So, religion is off limits. The clan has agnostics, atheists and Unitarians. And the 4 of us who are Evangelical. You can just imagine how, um, interesting conversations can become.
Oh, and we can't talk about politics either. no way.

and get this...this is the really weird thing:

The weird thing is: Karen, Dave, Adam, Courtney, Lyndsay and Debi all have July Birthdays. Beth and Hanna are August. (as is my mother's). Me, Claire and Ronnie are December. (as are my sister and her son). Kathy and Paula are Feb.
Isn't that kinda weird??? Ok maybe you don't think so but we do. Like, all of Grammy and Grampa's grandkids were born in either the summer or Dec. Very weird to me......

But hey...don't get me wrong.
We do have lots to be thankful for.
I'll save those for a post later this week!

Time to go start packing!


Susanne said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in spite of the brisk Atlantic breezes. :v)

Anonymous said...

I love reading this over and over again because it just makes me laugh out loud Faith.


Anonymous said...

Hi Faith,
I didn't see any way to email you directly. Sorry I'm not too sure about the blog thing. It's funny when your Aunt Helen and I were comparing notes one day in church and I made the "memory" connection with you and RWC. I'm sorry you can't rem me, but I was Lori Yeoman's roommate softmore year and kinda tagged around with you lovely music folks. I graduated in nursing in 83. It was a brief time I knew you, but I rememered you! LOL It's great to "hear" you on your blog. I've made contact with some other RWC classmates on Facebook. It seems like a life time ago. Here's my email if you'd like to contact me. clstrayer@earthlink.net
Hope you have great THanksgiving. Your plans sound great!
Cheryl (Locey) Strayer

Faith said...

Hi Susanne: Thank you!

Hi Erin: glad I made ya laugh. I'll be laughing by the end of Friday hopefully!

Hi Cheryl: I am so glad my aunt told you about my blog! Come visit any time! I remembered you once I found your pic in one of the yearbooks and when you said Lori Yeoman. It has been years!! I'll try to email you soon.

Tammy said...

I am SO jealous! ;) We have really been getting into the whole pilgrim thing this month and learning about our own ancestor, William Bradford. So how incredible it would be to have Thanksgiving there!

It is clear across the country from us, though...but if we ever take a tour of the New England area I would love to visit there!

Have a wonderful time...I can't wait to hear all about it!

Connie Marie said...

Wow, you have the most exciting TG plans going that I have seen anywhere online yet! I hope you all have a fun, fun time and DRESS warmly!
BTW, everytime I saw you refer to your clan's last name as T----'s, I thought Turkey's. lol

Happy Thanksgiving Faith! God bless you as you mingle with your family. How exciting to know that your family have the words of life, and are ready to give an answer if called upon. May Christ richly bless in your family this holiday season.

e-Mom said...

Too funny. Brr... cold. Enjoy your sub sandwiches on Thursday! I'll be thinking of you on Friday as you enjoy your Victorian Feast. :~D