"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

26 November 2008

Thankful Thursday

Since I will be in my husband's car, with my 2 daughters, on our way to Plymouth County in MA on Thursday, I decided to post my "thanks list" a day early. Actually I am writing this on Tuesday evening while my oldest is in the shower and my youngest is in bed! My husband is on the other computer so.... Post dating....a wonderful thing!

Since it is Thanksgiving time and our pastor did tell us to make sure we approach this day with gratitude......actually all of our days should be filled with gratitude....I decided to really think about what I am truly thankful for. There are lots of things! From the shallow things like my new crock pot which makes my work/school days so much easier, & my coffee maker which delivers that hot, steaming, strong first a.m. cup of java.....to the deeper things like the bond my husband & I have as friends/lovers/partners/parents; and the Everlasting Love of our Redeemer and Savior. But...what about all the stuff "in between"?

Here's what I came up with that the Lord has put on my heart as I reflect back on 2008:

  • The privelage and opportunity to serve in my local church. I LOVE my church. I am so thankful the Lord led us to this body of believers right here in our own town. It was 3 years ago this coming weekend that we became official covenant members of Grace Fellowship after transitioning that July and taking the membership classes/interview. I thank God daily for this church, for the Pastor and his wife, for the Associate Pastor and his wife, for the group of elders and for the other leadership who serve there. I am thankful for the ministries I have had a chance to serve in and be a part of. Each year I have served in a different one while I seek the Lord as to exactly which one I should be concentrating on. All of them have been a pleasure to serve in. All of them have been a growth experience for me. I give Him thanks.
  • The privelage and pleasure of seeing my daughters serve God in their own special way. They both have had a salvation experience. They are both growing in the Lord. They are both serving in the church. (Courtney with the teen leadership stuff she does and with service projects and Claire with her dance in the HizKidz Praise ministry). It is just exciting to see them grow spiritually while growing physically and mentally. It often overwhelms me....I thank God for this. For being able to be their mom and for seeing them grow to love my Savior who is now their Savior.
  • The privelage of having Christian friends at church who also have children in my children's schools. This is a huge thing for us and something we did not have in the girls' early years. We are in a church where other Christian families have children in the public schools. Eventhe leadership! It is just awesome to us...I thank God for the friends He has surrounded us with and for the other parents I have come to know. I thank God for their kids who have befriended my kids!
  • For the Moms in Touch group. It is a tremendous blessing to get together with these other moms and pray for our school and children. I thank God we have the privelage of praying to Him. That He cares for each and every situation we lift up to Him. I thank God that even though not all of the moms attend the same church, that we are all "in one accord" because we all belong to the Kingdom of God. It doesn't matter that 2 belong to a Baptist church and 3 of us belong to a nondenominational church.....we are one in Christ! I thank Him for that unity!
  • For my job. I am amazed at how God answered my prayers for a part time special education job with young children. It is just amazing to me when I think on it. I used to teach full time. I LOVED my career. I chose to stay home...I've blogged about it before. But..after 5 years of being a full time SAHM I felt the calling to go back to use the gifts He has given me to work with young ones. And glory to God. A job opened up right here in our own district. I am considered a full time employee at 60% meaning I work every day with benefits but the hours are part time. This is awesome for me. AND I was given the added blessing of being hired for the Inclusion kindergarten class (NYS does not mandate public schools to provide preK special ed services....just K-12) So...I didn't have to try to get another job with the county....I am in a public school...our own district doing similar things I used to do as a full time teacher but with way less responsibility and paperwork! AND I am still home by 1 pm to do my housework, errands, church ministry, etc. I thank God for His provision in this way and for allowing me to continue on in Special Education. AND it is a miracle that I don't feel like I should be the one in control of the classroom. That's a big one for me. I thought it might be difficult going from running my own room as a master teacher to being a teacher's aide. However....I don't feel that way at all. I feel honored to work with these little ones and be a help to the head teacher and the other 2 aides in the room. That is God. And I thank Him for that.
  • For the privelage of being Dave's wife. I know. It sounds so not feminist. It sounds so corny. But....hey...I am not really a feminist in the strictest sense of the word and I don't care if it sounds corny. But seriously....it is a privelage to be married to him. He is a good man. An excellent provider. A great daddy. A strong Christian. A gentle husband. Someday I might tell you all about how someone prayed once for a gentle husband for me and why. I'm not quite ready for the world wide web to have that info though so....trust me when I say that God knew exactly whom I should marry. We are not perfect. We argue. Hey...sometimes we even fight. What married couple doesn't? I am really. If you never fight with your husband, please tell me your secret. because I believe EVERY couple out there...yes, even us Evangelical Christians, even the Baptists, the Methodists, the charismatics, etc. etc. fight with their spouse. BUT...Dave and I always manage to get past it. To let God do what He needs to do. We are strong willed but God's will is stronger! When we let Him take control, I mean! And Dave and I both want that. We have had our ups and downs. But...through it all...i can honestly say Thank You God for my husband. I cannot imagine my life without him.
So...what about you??

What are you MOST thankful for this year?
Meditate on it and let me know! I will read all comments when I return from our trip.
And...could you please keep us in prayer...especially my youngest? The musical at church is in just 3 more weeks and they only have 4 more rehearsals...I will post more on that but for now...please pray that she stays healthy....she has a dance solo (ballet). She has not been sick yet this school year and I am praying the Lord would protect her from any sickness in these next 3 weeks. Thank you so much! (and pray for the entire cast, too!)



Mrs. C said...

I enjoyed reading your "Thankful List".

Above all else, I am thankful that God loved me as a sinner and sent His Son to pay the price for my sin on the cross of Calvary so that I could be reconciled to Him. I am so blessed!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you celebrate with your family. ;)

Faith said...

Mrs C: AMEN! And Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Kimberly said...

Hi, Faith!
I hope you are having a fantastic time on your trip and with your family!

I LOVE your list...I especially love how God has provided you with the perfect job! And I LOVE all that you said about your husband! I am also so thankful for my husband.

As I was praying yesterday, I was thanking God for the privilege of serving my husband and my 3 girls. I know, not too feminist here either. :) I don't always have the best attitude about being a wife and mom, but it truly is an honor and a privilege to serve them...and my heart just felt so full from that knowledge yesterday!

Blessings, friend!
Praying for your daughter!
K :)