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29 November 2008

Back Home

Well, I'm back.

It was actually fun.
No, we did not go in to town to see the Rock again.

But...I did have to show you all Plymouth Rock (what's left of it) because some of you live out on the wrong-er...I mean, left/west coast and might not make it over here to the East coast so.....
Here it is:

Plymouth Rock
located in Plymouth Village, MA

We really did have a wonderful time and I took MANY pictures of the clan at the Victorian Thanksgiving Feast. It was absolutely delicious and delightful.

I plan on writing and showing the pics but I just got home from traveling all late afternoon/evening plus we stopped to eat dinner at Ruby Tuesdays once we got back to our home so I still need to unpack, go through mail and get ready for the day tomorrow.

I am hoping to participate in this month's Marriage Monday but am not sure if I will get to it.

Tomorrow evening there is a full dress rehearsal for 2 hours and then we do the same thing on Monday evening. The show is 2 weeks from last nite so....we are down to the end.

Claire has stayed healthy so far and I ask that you would continue to pray for her. Thank you to those of you who have said you are keeping her in prayer...please pray for the entire cast and for those of us moms and dads who are helping with the show/cast party, etc.
And pray that lives would be touched by the message!

If you don't see me on here much, it is because of work, school, the home, decorating for Christmas, 2 Dec. birthdays here (mine and Claire's), plus the musical. OH...and pray for my oldest because she has an Orchestra concert the nite before Claire's opening nite. Yeah. We are very active people. Plus, my husband and I both have ministry duties so.......
I will post the pics though sometime before next weekend.

I trust you all had a wonderful day of thanks and are now in the beginning stages of preparing for the Christmas season.....see you soon....

Kathy: (my fave sister in law!) if you are reading this I WILL post those pics!! But...I don't think you are in any so don't worry!! :)


Kimberly said...

Welcome home!
I was just enjoying visiting the great links you have given for gift giving with a purpose! Thanks for putting these up!

K :)

Anonymous said...

hey Faith... my Fav-Sister-Inlaw.... LOL.... yup I decided to see what you might have written... actually I am staying downstairs as your brother in law decided to vacumm out the fireplace... to which I thought was not the bestest of ideas.... and its not... I am down here while he cleans up... YIKES.

Mara (the coffee lover) said...

awesome pic!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I am glad you had fun Faith. Every mom needs some fun once in awhile. :)
I am looking forward to the pictures, but I understand being busy....back to school tomorrow. :)

One of these days if you are interested I can send you our special ed class website. It has lots of pictures of the things we do.

Connie Marie said...

We sat down to watch t.v. the other night and guess what was on? The same place you all were for TG! I got to see Plymouth Rock in that documentary of the first pilgrims that landed at this rock! haha. Before they even got there I told my husband, "Oh I hope they show the rock because Faith said in her blog it was not impressive." haha, it sure isn't! I've always imagined a huge rock that people were stepping off on to, but they did say that it could have just been a small piece they hauled to this spot.
Anyway, thanks for the picture, looking forward to seeing more.

Faith said...

Hi COnnie Marie: actually that IS the original rock but over time tourists hammered off chunks of it. AND my husband's great grand father broke a large piece off by mistake when the crane he was operating dropped it as they were moving it from the bay to the cage.....yup. Leave it to the T-----'s!!

Connie Marie said...

lol, Faith!