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04 December 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation Pictures, Part 1

Today I am giving thanks for the following:
  • Family: my husband's family is so much fun. Although each sibling of my husband's lives in a different state (MA, NH, CA and we're in NY) we always get together at Thanksgiving. For those of you who have visited here before you know that my husband's ancestors came over on the Mayflower and Speedwell in 1620/1621. So of course the holiday is a huge deal. And you know this year we had it at Plimoth Plantation, the day after Thanksgiving proper, for a Victorian Era Feast. We had tons of fun, food and fellowship. And yeah...by meal's end we were full! I thank God for this family.....they are a riot, they can be serious when needed, they are there for each other and we always leave with awesome memories.

  • My daughters' cousins: this is big. My daughters are having the privelage of getting together with their cousins which is not something I grew up with really. It was very rare that me and my sisters got together with our cousins. I barely knew them. My daughters know all of their T----cousins very well. My husband's family is large and we make it a point to get together at least twice a year. And I am thankful that the cousins who are in college still don't mind hanging out with the younger ones. So, Beth if you're reading this: Thanks! I thank God for all my nieces and nephews and especially for the cool clothes the older girls pass down to Courtney! :)
  • Diversity: yes. I thank God for making all of us unique. The T----clan is a diverse bunch of people. Many strong opinions but for the most part every adult and teen are respectful towards one another's different belief systems and values. We want the same things, really, for our children: peace in the world, college educations, a clean earth, integrity, a work ethic, and keeping the family unit intact. I thank God that we can celebrate our differences and rejoice in the things that unite us.
And now....I'll show you some pics of our long weekend away.....I have lots more but only had time to show these. Check back in a couple of days for more fun pictures!

Most of the T-----clan sat at this table.
On the left side:
Adam (nephew)
who is a jr. in college and a member of the National Guard;
my hubby, Dave;
Keith (married to Paula) who is talking to one of the waitresses;
Paula (Dave's youngest sister)
This was the very beginning of the Feast.
The waitress is taking drink orders.

Courtney was kinda unsure about the Victorian Feast menu.
Seated next to her (right side of pic)
is my niece, Beth, who is a freshman in college.
The people in the background are not from our clan.
The cider was delicious, by the way!

This is the turkey that graced our table.
It was garnished with rosemary
and cranberries, and was delicious!

At one point during the Feast,
the actors from Plimoth Plantation
came in dressed in Victorian garb
and sang songs from that era (1863)
The girls joined in on "Jimmy Crack Corn"
It was alot of fun.
From left to right:
Hanna (niece from CA, age 17);
Lyndsay (step-niece from NH, age 17);
(niece from MA, age 18);

Courtney (age 15)
and of course the Victorian Minstrels

What about you??
What are you thankful for this week??


Anonymous said...

I love these pics Faith!!!!!


Susanne said...

Your thanksgiving looks great! I know what you mean about cousins. I never had any around here, they are all in Hungary. I've only seen them once in my life. So it really thrills me that my youngest is really good friends with her second cousin!

Connie Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your day after TG with us. Looks like fun, and I love the clean up afterwards! (Although I don't have anything to complain about! My daughters took care of everything!)
It's fun to see faces of your family.

Kimberly said...

Oh, what fun! Thanks for sharing these pictures!
I am thankful to have my brother close. He recently moved back to SC. I am sad that it is for some not so good reasons he has had to move back, but I am so thankful that my girls are getting to know their uncle better.

Blessings, Faith!