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04 December 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation Pictures, Part 2

The Feast Hall was absolutely gorgeous. I especially liked the fireplace and the mantel. I don't know if you can see it well unless you click on the picture to enlarge it, but there were a variety of orange and white pumpkins displayed.....just gorgeous!

Here they are! My husband's family!
from left to right: Paula (the baby sister), Warren (my father in law, Dad to these "kids" and Grampa to the children), Karen (the oldest), Dave (my hubby, the 3rd child), Betty (my mother in law , Mom to the "kids", "Grammy" to the children), and Pete (the 2nd child)

I took this shot from inside the Feast Hall, looking out the corridor window, at the rain gushing down off the roof. We walked from our car to the Hall in this! About half way through our feast, the sun came out and it ended up being a gorgeous, but cold, day.
The minstrels, dressed in Victorian garb, strolled from table to table taking song requests. We requested Yankee Doodle. That is my little one, Claire, in the front right although most of her is cut off.
This was taken just after dessert was served. That's my mother in law in the background, my nephew, Adam, and my hubby, Dave. It is strange for me to see Adam drinking coffee. He likes it black. I feel old. I cannot believe he is 20!!! I first met him when he was just a toddler. He is a fine young man and a good looking one too! In the doorway of the Feast room we had lots of Plimoth Plantation tourists peek in to see what was going on. That corridor leads to a couple of exhibits and the museum gift shops.

There will be some more pictures posted later tonite or tomorrow....come on back to see the rest!

Scroll down to see the first set.


Tammy said...

I love this...this seems like such a fun experience that your family will always remember!
Since as you know, my ancestor was William Bradford, you can bet I'd love to eat Thanksgiving at the Plimoth (old spelling?) plantation!
Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Susanne said...

How fun to have minstrel's strolling amongst the tables. It all looks like a really nice way to do Thanksgiving! What great memories.

e-Mom said...

Loved all of these. What a unique way to celebrate Thanksgiving! I was praying for you all on that Friday. :~D (I've never seen white pumpkins before.)