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06 December 2008


Our satellite church opens this weekend!

Grace North, located in a town just north of us, will open its doors tomorrow a.m.!
The sermon will be done digitally from tonite's taping at the 5 pm service of our church, Grace Fellowship here in town. This is a huge blessing to us and we are praying that unchurched people in that community will walk through those doors.
Grace North will have its own worship leader and music ministry team as well as Sunday School classes. The pastor up there is Pastor Justin Yim who comes to us from NH. Dave and I and the girls took a tour 2 weeks ago and we loved it! The Lord is telling us to stay right here in our own community though, especially because that WAS the main reason we left our former church in Troy, NY. We are to stay right here in the suburbs, for now anyways!

So.....pray for us this weekend....it is an exciting time!!

And now....I'm off to prepare an early dinner as Dave, Claire and I will be attending tonite's service at 5 and then we are off to do some xmas caroling with other HizKidz Praise! families followed by a time of fellowship back at the church with hot cocoa and cookies....I sure hope we get some snow! Courtney will be staying at the church for her small groupfollowed by the large group Emerge event.

Whatever you have planned.....enjoy it!

See you on Monday!

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e-Mom said...

Enjoy every minute of it! :~D