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08 December 2008

The Last Group of Thanksgiving Pictures

Here are the rest of the Thanksgiving vacation pictures of my husband's family and the beach house. It really was a memorable trip and I am so glad we did this. Our thanks go to Curt and Karen who could make it all happen.
If you ever get a chance to visit MA and the Plimoth Plantation, please do so.
It is well worth the trip.
For those of you who homeschool: Do this with your children! The knowledge they will gain from seeing up close and personal how it all began for "the white man" here in America, will benefit them tremendously. The rates are not bad....make it a mini vacation.....you will be glad you did. (we suggest going in June or July though for optimal weather)
For those of you who live on the East Coast: plan a trip around a trip to Cape Cod...you'll be glad you did!

One of the Plantation actors playing the role of a military man.
Dave found him fascinating to talk with.

Here is one of the minstrels talking with Pete (Dave's bro) and Karen (Dave's sis..the one who treated all of us!)

After dinner and a shopping spree in the Plantation Gift Shop, Claire decided she DID want to re-visit the Wampanoag Village. So off Daddy and Claire trudged with my self following close behind. Yup. We did the Plimoth Plantation Tour. Again. For the 4th time. Sigh.
(but Claire loved it and can now appreciate the history!)

Here is what the beach and bay looked like on the
afternoon of our Thanksgiving vacation. It was crisp and cold
with a hint of winter in the air.
But at least it was sunny!

Courtney is ready for the long ride back to Albany, NY

Here is the big boat all covered for the winter. It won't be back in the water until at least May or June!

Courtney took this pic of me on the boardwalk leading down to the beach. I took one last beach walk for 2008.

Packing the car for trip back to NYS.
We won't be back at the beach house
until sometime in the summer!
Claire wanted to walk around the property one last time.


Christi said...

I think I got left behind in that village when i went with my family when i was younger. i was so into it I didn't realize everyone moved on!

Faith said...

Christi: Yeah, it would be easy to linger...the place is awesome...thanks for visiting!