"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

08 December 2008


I. am. so. tired.
And I am not even the director or song leader.
I am just a rehearsal assistant and performance group organizer (which means I get a group of 7 childrenand lead them through the lobby, keep quiet, and prepare them to get to their spots in the show).
The musical "A King is Coming to Town" is being performed this weekend by the HizKidz Praise! ministry of our church, Grace Fellowship.
For those of you who "know" me, you know my youngest daughter, Claire, is a dancer and singer in the show. She is a part of the ministry and loves it. She has a ballet solo during the ballad towards the end of the show. She is also in 3 other dances. Plus of course, the chorus.
She is one busy gal.
and she is sick. With a nasty headcold. Her first since last winter. So......
Please pray! I am hoping she feels better in the a.m. so she can go to school and I don't have to take a sick day from work.

I feel weary...do you ever just feel weary and wonder why in the world you take on the things you do?
And then I remember: oh yeah. God called me to work with this ministry. and He doesn't get tired! So....I let Him carry my mental and physical burdens tonite.....I give them to Him.
I lay our requests before Him. (to completely heal the cast and keep the directors and volunteers healthy).
I ask Him to prepare the hearts of the unsaved who will be there.
We have a Friday evening performance at church (7 pm)
We have a Saturday noon performance at one of the large malls in the city. It is a miracle that the mall management is allowing us to do the entire show (minus the dance costumes...no room to change). They usually give "religious" groups a difficult time. We are praising Him for this open door to plant some seeds of the Gospel.
We have a Sunday late afternoon performance at church (5 pm) followed by the cast party.
Dave, Claire, and I are attending Courtney's Orchestra concert at the high school on Thursday evening.
I also must plan a dinner and breakfast as we have out of town relatives (out of state actually) coming to see the show. Grammy and Grampa T----- and Dave's bro and wife will be coming to watch Claire sing and dance. But...I need to play hostess. Which I don't mind.
It's just one. more. thing. besides teaching. besides running the home.

once again I turn to the One who can get me through it all.
And I praise Him that I have learned to say No to the other "stuff" that might stress me out this week.
So...if you don't see me on here much this week it is because I am getting an almost 10 year old to rest, improve her health, complete homework, and prepare her heart for using her talents for the Glory of God.
life goes on....I'm glad God doesn't get tired.


Mrs. C said...

I'll be praying that Claire quickly gets over her cold so that she will be ready for her performance.

Enjoy your busy week! :)

Faith said...

Thank you Mrs C!

Susanne said...

Oh my goodness you're busy. This is the first year we have a bit of break from all the concerts and stuff and dare I admit I'm sort of enjoying it. Praying for endurance for you!

Tammy said...

As one "concert mom" to another this year, hang in there!
Hope all the colds and fevers go away quickly...I'll be praying for you all!