"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

09 December 2008

I love this shot!

I think my niece, Beth, took this.
It is of my other 2 nieces and my oldest daughter.
From left to right: Lyndsay (step-niece, age 17),
Hanna (niece from CA, age 17),
Courtney (NY, my oldest, age 15)
They are all growing up!
Just wanted to share this pic!

I called in a "family sick" day for tomorrow (Wed) as Claire had a fever and a raging headcold this afternoon. So....I am keeping her home from school tomorrow so she can get well and rest up for the show this weekend! And I am praying that Courtney continues to stay healthy as her orchestra concert is Thursday evening.

So....I am kinda excited to be at home all day tomorrow until a late afternoon color/cut appt.

For my #49 today my husband surprised me with a Christmas cd by Shane and Shane. Not my fave group, but I do enjoy their music and I usually love most Christmas music done by a variety of artists. He also surprised me with a Christmas Wreath candle!

Tomorrow I will light it and play the cd while wrapping some gifts and baking some yummy treats for my youngest. Plus I will be plying her with fluids.......please keep us in prayer!


Susanne said...

Am I reading it right? Is it your birthday today? If so, then a big Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day with many blessings.

Connie Marie said...

That is a cool picture! I like it too. Kids just know how to pose now-a-days!
I am so behind on blog reading, I will be back, I am trying to get a meme done tonight!

Mrs. C said...

How did I miss your birthday? I would sing to you, but you couldn't hear me. ;)

Praying your girlie improves today.

Faith said...

Thanks, Everyone!

Claire is home today altough she seems lots better today than yesterday afternoon! I am thankful I have "family sick" days to use!
Glory to God...the musical this weekend is a huge endeavor and it contains the salvation message...we are all praying that seeds will be planted or people will accept the invitational..

Anonymous said...

Love the pic!!!!


tali said...

happy belted birthday Faith!!! i will remember next year, since it's my wedding anniversary on that day too! As soon as I read it was your 49th i came straight to comments, so now have to go back and read what your hubby did for you! lol

Still praying for claire. And riley is healing nicely too.