"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 December 2008

Seven Random Things Meme

I received this pretty award from Connie-Marie....thank you, Connie!
Since I am home today to keep Claire home (her headcold is a bit better...thank you to all of you who said you are praying for us....we so much appreciate it!), I have a bit of time to sit and fill this out.

Seven things I did before I was a Mom

1. Completed my Masters Degree.
2. Had a tiny but cute apartment close to the city (Albany) with a huge front porch.
3. Rode my bike every afternoon unless pouring rain.
4. Shopped. For my self.
5. Learned to cook lowfat foods.
6. Married Dave.
7. Went out every Friday evening for dinner.

Seven things I do, now that I know Jesus really loves me:

1.Worship Him.
2.Read the Bible to learn more about my Redeemer and Father.
3. Attend a Biblically-based, well-run church to grow, serve, and help evangelize.
4. Train up my children in the ways of God so they will know Him personally.
5. Allow Him to take more control over my life!
6. Try to share the blessings He has given me and my family/give to missions ministry
7. Try to shine the Light of Jesus in this world.

Seven things I would like to do!

1. Hike the entire Northville-Lake Placid Trail.
2. Visit the Smokie Mountains and hike there!
3. Build my dream home in the Central Adirondack region.
4. Have more time to write more music.
5. Go on a Carribbean Cruise with hubby and children before they leave for college!
6. Visit Alaska
7. Visit Prince Edward Island

Seven things that still attract me to my husband!

1. His humor.
2.His Biblical wisdom/knowledge.
3. Seeing him read his Bible every a.m.
4.Seeing him having fun with our daughters.
5. The fact that he is not super frugal....he doesn't mind spending money on us!
6. His relationship with Christ.
7. How he is willing to tramp through the woods with me even though he'd rather be on the computer!

Seven favorite foods?

1. Pasta
2. Coffee
3. Cheddar Omelettes with Blueberry Coffee
4. Grilled Salmon with lemon marinade
5. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies....with coffee!
6. Bittersweet Sinphony Ice Cream
7. Spinach Salad

Seven things I say most often:

1. "Get off the computer!"
2."get up, Courtney!"
3. "Hi"
4. "Call or text me"
5. "Whole body listening" (to the students)
6. "Thank you, Jesus"
7. "Love you!" (to hubby and girls)

Seven people I would like to pass this Kreativ Blogger Award to:

Whoever wants to play along! Most of the blogs I visit frequently are "creative" so..... Feel free to grab the award...just let me know so I can come visit you!


Susanne said...

That was fun to read. I want to visit Alaska and PEI also.

Tammy said...

I really enjoyed reading this and finding out more about you! :)

e-Mom said...

Very, very fun. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better.
So you want to visit P.E.I., eh? You must be an Anne of Green Gables fan... :~D

tali said...

loved this!!! tempted to do it myself but i have lists of things i need to do before christmas which are occupying my brain at the moment. but on christmas day I actually get to relax so might wake up and do this with my morning cup of tea. is that ok with you, Faith?

Connie Marie said...

I enjoyed your 7s.
Right now the snow is falling like crazy, I love it but I was planning to drive to see my granddaughters choir presentation. I live out of town and I am just a fraidy cat when it comes to driving in the winter snow.

I really need a chauffeur! :-)