"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 December 2008

I have to post this tonite (wed) as tomorrow my priorities do not include blogging!
So...here is my list for the past week......God has filled me up with thankfulness and I praise Him for His goodness and strength! Other things that have helped to keep me full:
  • HizKidz Praise! Yeah....it's almost time for the show! Dress rehearsals went very well Sunday and Monday. The children are ready, our director is ready, the sets are ready. It has been a long semester but the children have worked hard. I thank God for this ministry that Grace Fellowship offers for elementary and jr high students. How awesome that the children get to use their natural talents in acting, singing, and dancing for the Glory of God and to bring the message of Salvation to the unsaved.
  • Vicks Complete: yup. I thank God for this over the counter medicine. It has helped my Claire get a good nites sleep the last 2 nites. It really takes care of a stuffy nose and achy throat. I do believe she will be much better by Friday evening and will be able to do her ballet solo.......now, if it only came in grape flavor! ( her fave)
  • Family Sick days: I am thankful that I now get something called "Family sick days" at my job with the school district. I was able to take today off with no problem so Claire could stay home and rest and get well. And the district even hired a sub for me!
  • Birthday surprises: I am thankful for all the nice cards I received on Tues and for the Christmas Wreath candle I received from my children. My husband treated me to breakfast at one of my fave diners in town on Sat a.m. AND he even agreed to go on errands with me and finish up our Christmas shopping....that's the best gift any wife could get if ya ask me!

  • Youth Group Leaders: I am very thankful for the Youth Group leaders from Grace who actually attend the students' school events! Tomorrow evening, one of the women leaders is attending the high school holiday concert! This totally impresses me.....they show support for the teens by doing stuff like this. Thank you God!!
  • The Strength my Savior offers me: I am thankful for the Scriptures I have been reading this week. I am thankful for the way I have felt energized to complete mundane tasks even when my body was just aching to lie on the couch and read or watch tv. I am so thankful that when we ask Jesus to lift our burdens, He does! And we have peace after giving them over to Him.
That's about it for this week.
Because of "A King is Coming to Town" and the 2 church performances, 1 mall performance and both sets of grandparents coming in plus my bro and sis in law....well....I'm a bit busy now.
I won't be back on here until next week.......look for some pics of the show.....keep my youngest in prayer as she ministers in dance and music. Besides her ballet solo, she is in 2 other dances plus the chorus when not dancing. And please pray for my oldest as she performs in the orchestra tomorrow evening at the high school.

What about you?
What are you most thankful for this week?

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Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I'll have to check into that Vicks Complete.....thanks for the tip on that. :) And yes those Family Sick Days are so helpful....we have them also. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sounded like a nice day.

Thanks for the tip also on trying REplax, you are probably the 4th person to mention that med to me. I currently take Zomig, but I may have to try that....Zomig makes me so sleepy. :)