"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

12 December 2008

Fave Five #8

Tonite is Opening Nite for the HizKidz Praise! Christmas musical, "A King is Coming to Town"! AND....ALL the Capital Region schools are closed today due to our first major winter storm.
Yup...God is good. I was so hoping, and kinda praying, that we would at least have a delay....and He rewarded us with this ice storm. I was wanting to prepare some extra foods for tomorrow and do this Friday post so.......now I have the time!
As I type, it is 1:10 pm. Our power, after being off since midnite last nite, just came back on. The house is going from 57 degrees back up to a toasty 68. Since my children are so used to camping in all kinds of weather, this power outage did not affect them at all! In fact, my oldest said "oh good, now I can make oatmeal the old-fashioned way". I lit our gas stove with a match, put the tea kettle on to boil, and she opened up 2 packets of oatmeal for her self and Claire and voila....as soon as the water was hot, she made oatmeal. To our 15 year old, this is the "old-fashioned" way. She usually pops a bowl into the microwave. And Dave and I had to suffer through a cup of instant coffee. ick. So...after posting my 5 fave things from this past week, I will go start a pot of coffee to brewing! Too bad Dave had to go in to work. We have about 1 inch of ice covering everything and about 1/2 inch of our first snow on top. Temps are creeping up and it is a balmy 34 outside so ice is slowly melting. The show, I am assuming, will go on tonite! YEAH!!!

My 5 Fave things from past week:

1. Lemon-Ginger Tea: this is awesome! I had a mug this a.m. after a quick, cold shower (well, due to an awesome, relatively new hot water tank, we still had some hot water left...but not much!). This tea really hit the spot while I sat huddled under a quilt in my family room watching our first snow hit the ground.

2. Scriptures: I have been re-reading the book of Luke and of course concentrating on the story of Mary and Elizabeth to commemorate the Christmas season. There is nothing like the Word of God to help you to endure a busy week and put things in perspective!

3. Cashmere sweater: I am loving my black, cashmere pullover. It is from my niece who didn't want it! (yeah, the rich one). It is the only real cashmere I own and as soon as I was done showering in this cold house this a.m. I popped it over my head...it is soooo warm!

4. Good books: I have been reading a very good book by Max Lucado. (see sidebar) and a very funny, secular book for fun. I love good books! My fave thing has been, after a long day, to make a cup of herbal tea, sit in "my" chair in the living room (which is our designated reading room), next to the tree, with the candles on, the real candles lit, and just enjoy the peace and quiet. I do this while the youngest is in bed and the oldest is in the shower...a perfect ending to a busy day!

5. Fleece and wool blankets: these are on my fave list this week because boy, did they ever come in handy last nite when we lost power! Each of us have a fleece blanket, made by LLBEan, on our beds. yes they are pricey to purchase. But let me tell ya...if ya live in the great northeast, they are wonderful! We use them all year round (if the AC is on during the summer they make a nice blanket at that time, too!). We add layers as winter approaches. My children do not care for wool so they have extra fleece throws for on top of the LLB one. Plus they both like the flannel and fleece jammies. My hubby and I have a handmade wool blanket from Scotland....we put that on come November and don't take it off until March!

So, that's my list.
I am now off to prepare a special egg casserole for the relatives who are coming in later and spending the nite and attending the show. Then I'll be busy with Claire all weekend....enjoy the weekend and see ya back here on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

The ice storm was unbelievable, I was lucky and didn't lose power, so many that I know are still without power and have major damage to their property from trees falling in their yard and all around them. The drive into work was unreal, I ran over several power lines and their were trees in the middle of route 9 and all over the place, it was scary. They said this am that thousands still do not have power and might not have it for days. I went out this am and saw a power pole that was almost on the ground and the huge wires very low close to someone's lawn. I am hoping that they are able to get the power on for people soon my poor mother is still without power. I had just went grocery shopping I would have been so upset if I lost all the food in my fridge then I thought that there must be so many others that did lose their food. My nieces were up early during the storm when their power went out and took all kinds of pics, it was exciting for them in the beginning but still being without power and heat when it is this cold out, well lets just say the party seems to be over. Then there was the worry of Jesse driving to HVCC, he said their were limbs all over the roads and power lines when he finally arrived they decided to close the school as Troy was declared a state of emergency. I'm grateful to God that my family was kept safe during this storm but feeling really badly for all of those still without power and having to bear the financial burden of the clean up, times are tough enough. Praying for the national grid workers they have been working 24/7 since this disaster started.


Willow said...

I love fleece blankets too. Someday I'm going to own a cashmere sweater and wear it like a sweatshirt-every day! Lucky you to have one!

Susanne said...

Sigh. A cashmere sweater. Lucky you!

It is freezing here! -29*F with a wind chill taking it to, drumroll please: -49*F. Brrrrrrrr. I'm so glad our heat did not go off.

Faith said...

Hi Susanne: BRRR...it's COLD where you are!
We are up to 49 today so all the ice is gone. Praise God...we have no school today as our local district is still without power in many parts of town.
Oh, and the only reason I have a cashmere sweater is 'cause my niece didn't want it! :)

Jerralea said...

We had ice where I live, too, but it wasn't bad enough to justify my staying home. I was disappointed! I wanted a snow day off!

Anyway, enjoyed your five. Definitely agree with loving the fleece throws. We have a bunch, too.

Melanie said...

I'm reading the same Max Lucado book. I love his writing style.