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13 December 2008

The Show Must Go On......

WOW....didn't think I'd get on here before Monday evening.
Just had to share with all of you what God Almighty did at our church (Grace Fellowship) last nite (Friday).
By now, most of you have probably heard on the news about NYS and the New England states getting hit with a major ice storm/first winter storm of the year.
My neighborhood had no power all day. Since we are campers, we are used to roughing it.
It didn't faze my children at all and they were happy to have the day off from school, as was I.

The church had power. The show was scheduled to begin at 7. We had a little over 250 people there for opening nite. Everything was going great for opening sequence and first scene.
And then.......blackness. The emergency lights came on. Sound died. Lights died. Music died.
No power. The children stayed in character after kinda gasping. The audience groaned.
Someone yelled "keep going".
The cast did.
Those children were amazing!
A duet was done a capella.
The children had no mics, no music tape playing.
My daughter's first dance was done to just the chorus singing the song a capella.
They were GREAT!
They were all just fantastic.
Audience members and church leadership got up to the stage and knelt, shining flashlights as spotlights. Everyone rallied around for this show to continue.
Satan wanted it stopped........this musical had a salvation message.
BUT...God intervened and those children just kept going. They are well trained, let me tell ya!
When my Claire got out on stage to do her ballet solo, the sound technician had managed to find a battery operated cd player and was able to play her piece. She could barely hear it but she danced anyway. She did not miss a step! It was a glorious show.
People were touched.
God gets the glory.....He wanted people to hear this message.
There were MANY in the audience who are unchurched and/or unsaved.
Seeds were planted.
The show went on.

And today's performance at the mall was very good as well.

Tomorrow nite we are expecting the power to stay on and we are expecting an even bigger crowd with many church families and relatives.

Although I am merely a parent volunteer who helps out during the devotional times and rehearsals, or with costume changes, I feel honored to be a part of this ministry.
It is truly a pleasure to work with these Christian children and directors.
Glory be to God!


Kimberly said...

Oh, how precious! What a wonderful memory each person present that night will have! :) I know it was such a blessing to see! And I know you were so proud of your daughter!

Faith said...

Hi Kimberly: we ARE proud of Claire especially for shining the Light of Jesus even with no power! LOL

Connie Marie said...

The unexpected brings out what we are made of and I can see that God was still glorified when most would have probably stopped. Thanks to Claire and the rest of the bunch for keeping on!

I am glad you have your power back. Don't be cold!

Pop Quiz Giver said...

I'm so glad the "show" was able to go on. What a thrill when people persevere in the name of Christ and He is glorified! We were hoping to make it to the Sunday show, but the weather & its aftermath made for a tough weekend. We didn't suffer any major damage to the house, but did lose another tree in the back yard, and had some hefty damage to a few others. I've been meaning to email all week to hear how things went & how y'all are doing, so am grateful for the chance to "virtually catch up" thru our blogs :~) Please give our best to Dave & the girls - and a Happy Birthday to Claire!

love, Quizzy