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15 December 2008

Pictures to Share

This is what our front yard
and cherry tree
looked like early Friday a.m.
The ice in our town was about 1 inch thick.
We have had no school
since Thursday.
Courtney's Orchestra concert
was postponed until tonite.
But...there was no school again today
due to power outages all over town.
So..who knows when the Orchestra will get to perform?
The church had power on Friday!
Scroll down to the next post
to see what happened at Friday's performance!

Claire, during the ballet solo
to the song
"Child Like Me"
from the musical
"A King is Coming to Town"
performed by
HizKidz Praise! ministry
Grace Fellowship Church,
Latham, NY

Claire loves to worship the Lord
with ballet dance.
We are blessed to be a part
of a children's ministry
that encourages
the arts (drama, dance, music, art)
in church.
Glory to God!
Dave and I are so proud of her!

Come on back later in the week to "see" the show in pictoral sequence.
Click on each pic to enlarge


Connie Marie said...

Your tree picture is lovely, and your daughter is too. You should be proud! Children are a blessing when they are honoring God! I am happy for you today.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of Claire, especially the second one Faith, just beautiful. You and Dave should be proud of her.


Kimberly said...

What beautiful pictures, Faith! Especially of your daughter! How sweet it is to be able to see how our children are created with their own special gifts they can worship the Lord with!

e-Mom said...

She's beautiful! What a wonderful talent. Brrr... sorry about the icey cold. :~D

Susanne said...

I love that my church encourages the arts to glorify the Lord too!

Beautiful dancer that Claire is.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

The tree is beautiful, although I know ice storms are not always as nice! Wow, and no school!! When do you have to make up the days??
And Claire looks so dear dancing, what sweet pictures! May God continue to use her!
We have ice and snow here, so I am secretly hoping for a 2 hour delay tomorrow! :)