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16 December 2008

Opening Scene: A King is Coming to Town

Here is the group of children I was responsible for
in getting them through the lobby and to the doors of the sanctuary.
Standing from left to right,
some "townspeople" from Rumors Mill, USA:

Gracie (a "cheerleader" and singer in cast)
Mia ("cheerleader, dancer/singer)
Jocelyn (angel in nativity, dancer in 2 dances/singer)
Claire! (dancer in 3 dances plus ballet soloist/singer)
Joel ("football player", singer)
Charlene ("cheerleader", dancer in 1 dance/singer)
Mikayla (singer)

"A King is Coming to Town"
Opening, Scene 1 Final Dress Rehearsal
Claire is the one in the orange shirt

Here is Claire in the opening song "Extra, Extra"
The main characters of the musical are on stage.
The rest of the cast (the townspeople)
are dispersed among the audience as shown here.

Keep in mind that these pictures are not from a performance

but, rather, they are from Parent Preview Nite
which is the final Dress Rehearsal.

Come on back later this week to see the rest of the pictures.
I am hoping to post all of them at once.
I just wanted to give you a sample!!

Scroll down to see more and find out what happened at Friday nite's performance!!

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