"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

18 December 2008

Wow...did this week ever fly by! The Christmas musical is over.....we have 4 weeks off before beginning the next semester and new musical for the HizKidz Praise! ministry.

I am doing the thanks list this week with pictures because I don't have much to put into blogging today. If you want to play along just grab the pic and head over to Pam's and let her know....also leave me a comment and I'll come read your thanks list. Here is how the Lord filled my tank with thanksgiving this week:

Perfect for a late afternoon "pick me up".
I drank 2 mugs while creating Claire's classroom party candy bundles.
It gave me energy to cook dinner
and it soothed my sore throat.
Thank you God for a good cup of coffee.

Perfect for an evening of reading and relaxing.
Is perfect for cold, winter nites.

Oil Lamps..

Thank you God that I had 2 good ones filled with kerosene!
Great for when your power goes out!

The gift of ballet.
Thank you God for this art form!
My youngest daughter brought tears to my eyes.

LLBean Fleece slippers.
Thank you, God for fleece!
They keep feet toasty warm when there's no heat!
(mine are actually the powder blue ones)

This wonderful book; perfect for this holiday season.
Thank you God for the creativity of Max Lucado.

and thank you God for last minute Online Shopping gifts!
Dave's gift should be in by Christmas Eve......I LOVE shopping online!

What about you?
What are you most thankful for this past week??

OH...this is also counting as my post for the Friday Fave Five!
(except I have 6 this week!)


Susanne said...

I love mint tea! So soothing in the evenings. And I'm loving those slippers. I've never ordered LLBean but I'll have to check those out for sure.

Anonymous said...

I bought that Max Lucado book for one of my Mom's Christmas presents. Yes, I love on-line shopping! I bought many many gifts on-line this year so much easier!


Faith said...

Hi Susanne: I am finding that the mint tea really helps me with my pms symptoms! You will LOVE LLBean stuff. It lasts for like forever!

Erin: Your mom will like that book I'll bet. It is an easy read and a great reminder of what God did for us by sending His most Precious Gift. And yeah...thank you God for online shopping! LOL