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09 January 2009

Fave Five January 9

Well, the first week back to work/school is done and it wasn't too bad. Especially with having the day off Wed due to another sleet mixture!

If you want to join in on the fun and list your 5 favorite things from your past week, just head over to Susanne's place and link up!

Here are 5 things that I thoroughly enjoyed this past week:

Starting the a.m. off with a half piece of
ruby red grapefruit.

These come in mini bags now!
Snack bag size.
Perfect for a quick snack during my mid-morning break in the classroom
or with a 1/2 turkey sandwich on multi-grain bread for lunch.

This is my winter afternoon treat for my self!
(not every afternoon, though!).
Sometimes I dip it in French Vanilla coffee when taking a break from chores.
Other times I save it for late evening with a cup of African Honeybush tea.
The flavor is Decadent Chocolate by Nonni.

We bought this for Claire (Xmas gift).
It is a blast!
Every family really needs to own this.
You will come together and laugh like never before.
The more people you play with, the more fun it is!
It is best for ages 8-adult.

Have you read this yet?
Many pastors are recommending this book to their congregations.
I know ours did.
I bought it for Dave as a Xmas gift.
I am reading it first as he has other stuff he is reading.
It is fiction.
It is life-changing.
I am half way through.
I'll do a book review eventually.
I recommend it for anyone over age 12.
I also recommend that you buy as a gift for a non-Believer.
Their life might change.
Their soul will be affected by this novel.

What is at least one favorite thing from your week??

Let me know!


Anonymous said...

I read "The Shack" over the summer, it was an easy read but I was very uncomfortable with how God the father was protrayed as a woman and the protrayal of the Holy Spirit. I realize that it is fiction but I had many mixed feelings while I was reading it. I almost passed it to my mother but then I just couldn't as I thought that as an unbeliever she might take it all at face value and there were so many things in the story that were bibilically incorrect. Jess from my church did a book review on it and it really sums up the way I feel about the book. The link is:

You can cut and paste the link and then scrool down and you will see her review.

And of course, I'm not saying that anyone who likes the book is wrong in any way this is just how I felt about it.


Brenda said...

That game looks interesting, I will have to look for it because we play lots of games!

I was not very excited about The Shack either. Mostly because it was poorly written and I don't have a lot of patience for poor literature. The guy had a good idea but he should have gotten help in writing it.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I didn't love the Shack, either, but because of the writing, mainly. There were one or two really good quotes that I remember, though, and I certainly don't consider it a waste of time. I came over to tell you that I'm boggled that you have never done Disney! Then I read your post and laughed because about 60 minutes ago, I was in Target and had a box of Nonni biscotti in my hands but put it back on the shelf. Now you make me wish I had bought it!

ellen b said...

Well you really know a good snack girl!!
Those biscotti look...well..decadent!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Connie Marie said...

I also read The Shack. It was not right to write about God as a woman because God is always protrayed in a masculine sense. When he created mankind too he also said let us make man in our image then he created a man. Then he created a woman to help the man. So, I had a problem with that in the book.

My favorite thing about this week was my daughter Marie came back home after being in North Carolina for three weeks. I missed her.

Happy day, Faith!

Willow said...

I love an unexpectedly day off school, too!

My favorite fav? Seeing my grandson's face light up when he saw me after I was gone for almost a week!

Islandsparrow said...

I love your 5 - you make me want to run to the grocery store and buy some ruby red grapefruit - they look so delicious!

I've heard quite a bit about the Apples to Apples game. Our family loves to play games so I'm putting it on the B-day list!

It's interesting to read the reactions to The Shack - I read the book and admit I was stretched by the portrayal of God the Father as a woman. But I pushed through that, realizing it is a fiction book. It doesn't seem to bother so many that Jesus is a lion in The Narnia Tales, does it? I think the shock value of having God the father portrayed as a woman is good for people believers and non-believers alike - since He is neither male or female - and both male and female are created in His image. The book has many wonderful conversations that help wounded people move past their marred conceptions of an angry, vengeful God. I know that it has deeply affected many for good and drawn them closer to the loving Father revealed in Scripture. Have you gone to the author's blog?


He has written some wonderful articles posted there.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Faith said...

hi Everyone: thanks for all your comments.
I AM enjoying The Shack although the writing style is not that inspiring. The story, however, is. I am viewing it as an allegory. Kind of like Pilgrim's Progress and the Chronicles of Narnia. Satan is not really a woman yet he is depicted as a witch in Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. I like what IslandSparrow says: the book does seem to be reaching people and I know MANY people (my self included) who at one time or another had trouble viewing God as their Papa/Abba/Father/Daddy. ALthough I am only halfway through the book, it is starting to make sense why the human dad needs to face his own past regarding his own father, the loss of his little girl and his isolation from our True Father: God.

Susanne said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on your post, Faith. I went over to that link from your commentor and then totally forgot about coming back and leaving a comment. Oops.

I haven't read the Shack yet, although my oldest requested it for Christmas. I'll have to borrow it off of her. I'm not the greatest with the allegorical stories. I'll have to get my girl to explain it all to me. LOL. I am supposed to be getting a book called "Finding God in the Shack" so maybe I'll have to wait until I get that and then read it.

hope42day said...

At first I was a bit uncomfortable when reading The Shack that God was portrayed as a woman. About half way through, I did get a little more comfortable and enjoyed the rest. However, I have read other spiritual books, such as the ones by Max Lucado, that hooked me in the beginning and made a much more lasting impression.