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08 January 2009

With a Thankful Heart

Wow. This first week of being back to school sure went by fast!
I think the "snow/ice day" helped yesterday :)

With this New Year, we always have so much to be thankful for don't we??

Here's my list for this past week:
  • The GE Appliance Service Center: our dryer is somehow not getting warm. It's a gas dryer. 14 years old so might be time for new one. BUT.....my "ever mindful of the finances" husband found out that gas dryers can usually be fixed for cheaper than electric ones. So...he called the 1-800 number found in the booklet (thank God I kept it all these years!) and they make house calls for a minimal charge. The service guy is due in about an hour from now. IF the part is less than a certain amount of money we want to spend....we'll have the dryer fixed in no time. If not....I guess it's time for a new one in which case I will be thankful for Lowe's and their abundant supply of new dryers!

  • Knit Socks: my MIL surprised my husband and I with brand new handmade (by her!) wool-blend socks for Xmas. I have been enjoying them on some of these snow days we have been experiencing. They are warm.....and perfect for hiking weather too since they are the type for hiking boots! She knows us well! Thank you God for Betty and her knitting skills!
  • Accutane: whoo hoo......my oldest daughter is FINALLY being treated with medicine that actually takes away the acne! It has been one week and she is doing great on it. I thank the Lord that, so far, there have been no side effects (always a huge concern with this medication and teens). I am thankful for an awesome dermatalogist who really knows her stuff and understands teens. I am thankful for the ipledge program and the drugstore pharmacist who also has experience with dispensing Accutane. I am most thankful for the fact that our insurance covers everything! I only have to pay the $5.00 copay. Now...if we just didn't have to schlep to the lab every 4 weeks for the blood work but.....that is part of the requirements. I am thankful Courtney is doing well and I am trusting the Lord that this will continue to be the case for the next 5 months of treatment.
  • My Family: we had a wonderful weekend just relaxing and having not one, but 3, movie nites. My husband really wanted to do this movie triology (Back to the Future) which he and I had seen way back when they first came out in the 1980's.......the girls had a blast watching these movies this weekend and they loved it that we broke our own rule of "Only One Family Movie Nite a Month". But hey......rules are made to be broken sometimes, right??? Especially those kinds of rules! :). We wanted to have one last relaxing weekend before the start of school and work again. And church activities. We are now back in the routine and loving all the new things the Lord is bringing our way.
  • Hope in Christ: I am so thankful that God made a Way for us. That He gave us Hope and a Future and knows exactly where and what He wants us to do. I am thankful He gave us His Word so we can be guided on this journey that we call life.
What about you?

What things are you thankful for this week?

Grab the button and play along. I hope to get the link up on my sidebar to the original site sometime soon....but....now...it's time to go wait for the appliance guy!
Enjoy the rest of the work week everyone!

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Denise said...

Such a fantastic list of blessings sweetie.